well, the "ears" were my "elf ears" in my previous photos.... she clearly bit them off >.< hahah~

Halloween Character Dressup : The Witch

featuring my pretty friend, Catherine! :D she’s such a pleasure to work with! a great model too! :D i see lots of potential! ^^

well, the “ears” were my “elf ears” in my previous photos…. she clearly bit them off >.< hahah~

many people have been asking me about my Ballerina Egg decor item in this photo! i can now proudly tell everyone that I MADE IT MYSELF OUT OF A GOOSE EGG~ it’s done about 4 years ago during art and craft CCA :) i carved the pattern on bit by bit with a sharp, thin carving knife then painted and decorated it with paint and ribbons…. a little imagination goes a long way :)

i love her haunting eyes in this photo. just to let you all know, i didn’t use any filters nor did i edit all the photos with any software! we’d awesome lighting from the candles and…..*coughs coughs* well-seasoned (shameless) photography skills by yours truly :) i love playing with my DSLR and the settings :) don’t ask me which modes that I set it to, I don’t remember. I went with the flow. that’s how i work :)

here’s my first video edited by Final Cut Pro on my MacBook :D took me a good 8 hours to upload the files and then start on the editing process! it’s SO TIRING but worth it! :)

my lovely group mates also helped with the set up and clearing parts too! do you know that A LOT OF HARD WORK GOES INTOEVERY SINGLE TUTORIAL?!?! especially since I love such elaborate and dramatic stuff to be featured! :P

anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN lovelies! <3

i didn’t quite get to celebrate halloween but if i did, i’d definitely dress up as a semi-ripped apart japanese porcelain doll! i’d certainly not forget to play with liquid latex to make ripped out flesh to stick on my face! ^^ i don’t like to look pretty for Halloween. that’s too normal right?

I hope that everyone had fun messing around with fake blood, fangs and cosmetic contact lenses! ^^

Whispering a Ghostly Goodbye to you,




BB Cream Review – Garnier, L’egere & Naruko

i hope that this video will be helpful to all of you! :D had put in quite a bit of effort to put together this video :D enjoy!~

Products Mentioned:
L’egere White Multi BB Cream
L’egere UV Whitening BB Cream SPF34
L’egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB Cream
Garnier Light BB Cream (Asia Version)
Naruko Narcissus BB Sunblock SPF 50
Naruko Oil Out Tea Tree Anti-Acne Tinted Sunscreen SPF50


NEW VIDEO : My Back-to-School Kit !

yup! i cut my hair again! :D

the items mentioned have been a MAJOR life-saver for me at school! life always gets to busy and hectic with assignments, early morning rush to get to school on time, juggling both studies and our social life…..

this is a quick guide video as to what i personally feel are the basic necessary items to have in your school bag! :D

enjoy the video & don’t forget to comment! :)

till next time,

Yvette :D