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YouTube Beauty Guru Recommendation : Xteeener

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Christine of Xteeener on Youtube’s been one of my all-time favorite makeup gurus. Her makeup videos are very ideal for those of you with asian double eyelids that are hidden or not very visible when your eyes are open. Christine shows her viewers the trick to blending colors carefully to suit almond shaped eyes as well as some tips and tricks when it comes to fashion styling. She’s one of the few gurus on youtube with a very pleasant voice and down-to-earth personality, so I’m betting that most of you will come to love her channel too! :)

she’s got hundreds of thousands of subscribers already, so i guess that goes to prove that she’s really good at what she does :)

I highly recommend her channel and videos for newbies to makeup and skincare :)

Lisa Eldridge, My Favourite YouTube Channel ever :)

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If I could only choose one makeup artist’s YouTube channel to watch for the rest of my life, I’d definitely pick Lisa Eldridge’s channel! I regretted not subscribing to her channel much earlier than I should because her editorial makeup application videos are really good and she explains the many details that go into making the look perfect. Gossmakeupartist or Wayne Goss has also strongly recommended her channel on YouTube.

She’s a definite must-watch and I’m giving her an infinite thumbs up!

My skills as a freelance makeup artist has improved greatly and I’m constantly inspired to go further with my makeup application skills after watching her editorial makeup videos.

Do check out her videos on the history of cosmetics, such as 1940s to 1970s and Victorian Era to 1930s.

Makeup junkies like myself will be very inspired by the depth of knowledge that’s shared and explained, so yes, checking out her channel’s worth every bit of your time :)

Lisa Eldridge, in my opinion, deserves much more credit, subscribers and views for all her hard work put into her videos!







YouTube Guru: gregorygorgeous


Well, yeah.

Gregory is what you see.

He’s gay but his personality’s really really interesting.

He looks fantastic as a guy without makeup and looks amazingly GORGEOUS when he dresses up. He puts all women to shame when it comes to makeup application, walking on insanely high heels on a TREADMILL and does the most bimbotic things that you can ever imagine.

This canadian guru’s very charismatic on camera and has loads of confidence to pull almost any outfit off.

A very unusual Beuaty Guru on YouTube who’s definitely worth checking out :)

YouTube Entertainer: davidmitchellsoapbox

David’s a witty and intelligent entertainer who has the ability to make you think twice about the “normal” affairs of life.

Videos are kept rather short and sweet but are long enough to get your mind thinking.

His odd sense of sacarsm’s very hilarious.

Great channel to watch, especially for those who’re sitting through boring lectures.


Try watching one, you’ll get what I mean.