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Great finds at Zalora!

Hi beautiful friends!

I’ve been doing a great deal of online shopping lately and would totally like to introduce some great finds that I’ve been chancing upon!

The reason why I prefer shopping online to shopping in stores is because of the convenience and of course, great discounts! I’ve recently seen and purchased many great finds from Zalora, and am also very pleased to have spotted River Island Clothing range available at affordable prices! So go visit the River Island Clothing Singapore Collection to find out more ^^

The discounts on some of their pieces do work out to quite a bit of savings! I do personally own a couple of River Island clothing and can vouch for the quality. They are a lil on the higher price range but hey, you pay for what you get :) Furthermore, Zalora now offers their clothing at discounted prices and it’s no wonder that the prettier pieces get snagged so fast that they’re gone when I’m about to checkout!

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Zalora and am always so impressed with their exchange policy. It’s so convenient to repack the product into the bag provided and then drop it off at Singpost. Refunds are processed very quickly within a few days and their customer service is top notch.

My wish list:


Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.21.07 am Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.25.13 am

There’re many more new arrivals at River Island clothing Singapore collection :D Go check them out and pick out a pretty outfit to pamper yourself today!~





REVIEW: Premium Japanese Tea from Tealy.sg + 30% off PROMO CODE !




Shimodozono Ginger Tea : Summery blossoms of fresh jasmine, this tea is a phenomenon of fragrance and sweetness. Feel the taste slowly unfold the rich and smooth sweet floral flavor for an elegant delight.

I like this tea as a morning tea along with a warm omelette. It’s a very calming sort of tea that relaxes my mind and tastes really smooth as well. It doesn’t have a strong spicy taste to it as it’s blended with black tea leaves. Ginger is a great herb for ladies, especially during the m-flow days when your body needs extra nourishment. I’ve always relied on ginger and peppermint tea during those unpleasant days and have found ginger tea to reduce a lot of lower abdomen bloating within just a few days. This is a great tea to drink whenever you feel the onset of a heartburn. My granny gives me ginger tea whenever I have indigestion and it really does work. Better than medication and gentler on the stomach too. Try it!




Best paired with a dark chocolate cake! The chef from Bene Spaghetti created these various food pairings based on the flavour profiles of each kind of tea :) Both cake and tea complemented each other really well!



Ah, rose oolong tea. Did I mention that I LOVE ROSES in my tea? I buy lots of french rose tea blends and so, I was naturally really excited to give this tea a shot. This rose oolong tea didn’t disappoint me at all and like all the 5 other teas that I have personally tried from Tealy at this point in time, I can say that this is my favourite one. I’d once lost 2kg while drinking oolong tea everyday as my tuition teacher, who’d lost a lot of weight while drinking this regularly, told me that oolong tea is a detoxing tea. Well, true enough, it did work for me too :) Rose +oolong = best of both worlds.






The mixed herb & roasted tea was paired with a sesame panna cotta dessert! Light and smooth, the dessert brought out the complex flavours of the mixed herb tea! It consists of green tea, ginger and lemon grass herbs all mixed into one tea pyramid! The taste isn’t pungent at all, which is surprising to me as many lemongrass teas are like that and so I personally steer away from those sort of teas. It has a roasted flavour that reminds me of how Genmai-cha tastes like yet it’s got hints of ginger and lemongrass in it. I like drinking this after a heavy dessert!



PROMO CODE for my dear readers: ENJOY 30% OFF YOUR PURCHASE AT http://www.tealy.com.sg/default.asp WHEN YOU USE “TP0814M73″ :) Promotion is valid till 30 September 2014 :)

These teas are well-packaged on the exterior with a resealable zip lock to ensure optimum freshness. Each pyramid tea bag provides maximum exposure to the hot water upon brewing so you’re getting quality tea with each brew. I usually can make two rounds of 250ml cup of tea per pyramid bag :) I personally love these teas and am very happy that a local company has brought in these award-winning teas for all to enjoy. They’re affordably priced for what they are and can definitely compete with high end french tea blends that I have at home. In fact, I find them to be smoother in taste and more consistent in flavour after the first brew. There’re sample packs for you to grab on the online store before committing to buying an entire full-sized, so head over to http://www.tealy.com.sg/default.asp today! :)



Announcement: 2 Winners of My April 2012 Giveaway! (Singapore Residents Only)

chubby penguin has found the TWO LUCKY WINNERS! :D

i’m really happy to have had so many of you participate in this little giveaway of mine!

regardless of whether you’ve won or not, here’s a big hug and a thank you for all the unwavering support and encouragement that all of you’ve given to me! :)

i truly appreciate all the participation, feedback and responses from you lovely readers! ^^

i’d be having another giveaway in about 2 weeks’ time! there’ll be 4 winners for that one, so stay tuned for that!

i only pick those who haven’t won anything from previous giveaways, so as to give everyone a fair chance ya? :)

so let’s begin with the announcement of the 2 winners!~

Hair Tools & Accessories Set 1 : Watsons 3-in1 hair tools set, dark brown braided hairband, Hairpoof cinch pins


Name: Sharon Ngo
Email: heaming88@hotmail.com
“I prefer Set 1 with the 3-in-1 Hair set, which I think will be of much help to my frizzy hair. Hopefully no more ponytails.
The video I like most is the Valentines make up. Definitely helped me to look my best, and different from my usual self on that special day. Receives compliments for it too. Thanks.”

Pretty things set 2 : 3 pairs of earrings, mizuki doll, high quality sponges & galaxy reindeer cropped tee (uk6-10)


Name: emobkworm

Email: emobkworm1113@yahoo.com.sg

“Hey Yvette, I’d love to get set 2 with all those prettypretty things, especially the galaxy-printed reindeer top :) My favourite video of yours? Definitely the ‘Eyebrow tutorial for those with naturally denser eyebrows’. I have genetically bushy eyebrows and this tutorial has helped thin them out, making them look much more refined yet still very natural. Ever since subscribing to you, I’ve known and loved so many of your other videos but this is the one that relates to me the most :)

I’d like to make a few suggestions as well! :D How about a tutorial for big doe eyes and/or eye makeup that goes well with glasses? And I’m just dying to know your skincare routine! :D

Thank you for the generous giveaway and for all your blog and video entries. They have greatly inspired me, and I’m sure other readers as well, in my makeup routine and also in life. I wish you all the best! <3″


I’ve sent you an email regarding your collection of your prizes!

You have 48 hours to get back to me, so hopefully you’ll check your email accounts in time or I’ll have to pick another winner!

Thank you once again for everyone’s enthusiastic participation in this giveaway!

I promise to have as many giveaways as I can in the future!

Have a great Labour Day Holiday! :D

Interesting website that I found : iBilik – Homestays in Singapore

I remember researching on hotel and tourism related industries in Singapore to prepare for my university interview. I wanted to pre-empt some of the possible questions that may be asked about a traveller’s stay here in Singapore, so I decided to diversify my search to other kinds of accommodation avenues to find out more.

While local unique boutique hotels continue to attract many tourists, I was surprised to have discovered another kind of accommodation method that these foreign visitors had chosen – Singapore Homestay. According to what I have read, the main reasons behind their decision were the affordable, value-for-money accommodation cost ($300 per night at the hotel VS $80 per night for a rented room) as well as the freedom in choosing specific areas of stay in Singapore, especially so for backpackers.

Curious to see what they’d to offer, I explored iBilik.sg. As seen in the attached photo below, the various housing districts in Singapore are neatly arranged in alphabetical order to aid an easy search for an ideal living space to rent. Key information such as rental fees, brief description of the area, basic amenities available in the rented space and contact details of the landlord are included in these postings as well. The website does look professional and certainly beats browsing through countless housing advertisements posted on newspapers, forums and public advertising boards, which can be misleading and unreliable.

Furthermore, some postings include photos of the rented area, which adds on to the credibility of the landlord himself.

I thought of sharing this website with all of you as it may come in handy for those who’re thinking of travelling to Singapore with the intention of looking for an alternative accommodation that is more economical. As for those who’re already residing in Singapore and have a spare room, studio apartment or house, you may wanna consider renting out the unused area to earn some extra cash. The registration to become a Poster on ibilik.sg is pretty straightforward and easy!

All in all, I’m glad to have stumbled upon this accommodation travel website that’s based in Singapore as I, too, can benefit from it  by renting a studio apartment for a day or two for various party activities (all girls’ pajamas party!) that I may want to hold in the future.

A useful and user-friendly website that’s worth checking out! :)