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REVEAL: Hello Betty BlackBox!

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** all items shown here (except for the Za mascara) are supposed to be in travel sized portions. These full sized items are kindly sponsored by Za Singapore for my introduction and review :)



The Aqua Label mask shown in the photo above has become my favourite for the past week! Just 5-10mins a day! The mask isn’t overly saturated with the skincare essence too :) The eye patches are supposed to be laid over the eye lids, but I decided to give my under eye areas more TLC for this shot ^^

The Aqua Label Enhancer WT has made such a positive difference to my skincare routine! As instructed on the bottle, I’m supposed to use this product after the Aqua Label Emulsion. I did so for the first week, though feeling a little skeptical as to how a clear liquid could possibly make any difference to my skin after applying a layer of emulsion prior to that. Well, I’ve been proven wrong and I’m glad to give a thumbs up review rating for this best selling product of Aqua Label. It has eradicated all the dry patches on my cheeks and has restored my skin to its original healthy state. I’m a happy girl! ^^

The Betty mascara from Za is also my go-to favourite mascara to use now because it’s got AMAZING volumizing properties when applied to the lashes. I don’t wear any false eyelashes nowadays ever since I’d gotten my natural lashes permed. With just two coats of this mascara, my lashes are good to go for photoshoots. As with many Za mascaras that I have tried, the formula improves over time since the contact with air does dry the mascara paste out a little, which then results in a very even layer of mascara over each lash. I love the packaging too! Anything black and hot pink is right up my alley :)

The Ma Cherie shampoo and conditioner needs no introduction – almost every beauty blogger out there has tried these babies and I’d say that most of us have fallen in love with its sweet floral scent!


Sunshine smiles for you! ^^

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This is a limited edition Blackbox, while stocks last!

Stay beautiful!~




My May Favourites!


pastel nail polishes from Etude House!

these cost only $3.90 & are chip-resistant and are of a fast-drying formula! besides the pink that’s sheerer, the rest are opaque after 2 colour coats and apply very smoothly! i’m ready to buy more of Etude House launches more pastel nail colour series!


tangle teezer!


i got this tangle teezer from a fellow twitter/instagram follower who placed an ad on her instagram^^ am so glad that i bought it because it combs through my hair effortlessly in the morning when i wake up with knotty and fizzy hair! it NEVER tugs on my bleached hair ends which are much drier and prone to frizz. absolutely loving every aspect of it!


Suntory Milcolla Collagen Powder.

highly raved throughout Taiwan & Japan! here’s where i usually get them from:

Milcolla Collagen Drink 105g (Best Seller! As recommended on 女人我最大) – Beauty Supplements –

Qoo10-Singapore – Body Care / Diet – [SUNTORY] MILCOLLA COLLAGEN POWDE…

every packet comes with a 7g scoop = 15 days portion per pack, so one month = 2 packs, around $96 -100 depending on the merchant that you buy from. i’ve been on this for about 2 weeks and have seen positive effects in terms of the elasticity of my skin and the overall smoothness. i read that it’ll roughly take about 3 months before the true results can be observed and felt. so we’ll see :) so far, i’m loving it! check out the links to find out more about this awesome collagen powder!


ECo tea tree oil

i’ve been breaking out lately, so i was on the hunt to get a tea tree essential oil to help heal my irritated skin. i stumbled upon this at guardian and was happy to see that it’s got 25% tea tree oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin A (from carrot) and vitamin E. all natural ingredients, no silicones, no fragrance, no colouring, no preservatives….just plain old essential oil goodness in a bottle. i mix 1 drop in a little tiny blot of aloe vera gel and spread it on my face. for my back acne, it’s 5 drops to one blot of aloe gel. it doesn’t heal major breakouts as fast as chemical acne-fighting products, but it sure helps the skin in the reduction of redness, swelling and when the pimple pops, the skin heals back without much visible scarring. i noticed that natural ingredients still do work best on sensitive acne-prone skin. the wait to recovery of an infected site may take ages, but in the long run, the absence of lots of chemicals will benefit the overall skin health :)


eucerin makeup remover

my favourite eye makeup remover! it removes all my super tough waterproof mascara in 2 swipes! doesn’t sting my eyes or make my eyes blurry when used to remove the eye makeup :)


naurko rose and botanical hyaluronic acid hydrator

this product has a thicker, less viscous consistency than your regular alcohol-based toners as it’s packed with lots of hydrating ingredients! the rose scent is really calming! the formula feels very comfortable on the skin and is absorbed really quickly too! great for our humid weather conditions!


i have been focusing on getting my skincare routine right these days, drinking lots of water, running and doing Pilates (check out Blogilates on youtube! i’ll blog more about her soon!) too! i’ve changed up my diet a lot too, and have been eating as “clean” as possible. no trans fat, less sugar, less salt, no processed food…..only wholesome foods and occasional comfort food to indulge in to reward myself :) oh yes, i’m using MyFitnessPal App on my iphone to track all my calorie intake! very good app to use! 

stay beautiful & remember that true happiness starts from the inside! :D so smile & get started on living and eating well!

have a great week!




My October Beauty Favourites! My LAST VIDEO uploaded on my Channel :)

this is my LAST video that i’m ever going to upload here on YouTube :) many thanks for all the support here but i’ve decided to concentrate on blogging on my beauty website instead. regardless, it’s been such a pleasant journey growing my channel with you awesome people! :) i appreciate all the kindness & encouragement that i’ve been showered with here on this channel!

xoxo Yvette

Items Mentioned:

Talika Paris Skin Retouching Fluid

The Body Shop All in One Cheek Colour in 01 Macaroon

NARS Alhambra Eyeshadow Duo

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact SPF20 in Nude (

KATE Eyebrow Designing N in EX-05

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura EDT (

maybelline mineral blush in gentle pink

My September Favourites!

hey lovelies!

ah, i know that this is coming in REALLY LATE as it’s nearly mid October already!

that’s how busy school’s gotten me! anyways, this month’s full of products that have been really effective for me and some are even priced at wallet-friendly rates at our drugstores! ^^

so let’s get started!

Vaseline Healthy White Body Lotion

My limbs have always been 2 shades darker than the rest of my body as I usually don’t apply any sort of sun protection lotion to prevent the skin from darkening. As such, I’ve been on a hunt for an all-in-one body lotion product that is cheap and effective in lightening my skin without irritating it. This product definitely did the job as it contains yoghurt, triple sunscreen protection and other skincare benefits that help to lighten the skin healthily. I’ve noticed that my limbs have gotten a shade lighter that they were before just after about 2 weeks of usage. It’s pretty cheap as well, S$6.50 for the medium sized bottle and about S$2 for the travel sized version. I really like this and will be repurchasing!

LA Girl HD Pro Concealer

I got 3 shades of these (1-classic ivory, 2-pure beige, 3-nude) after seeing FacesBySarah’s post raving about this awesome medium to full coverage concealers that’re high performing and cheap! I got them from HERE and i believe that it’s sold at some BHG outlets as well. It’s about S$8 per tube and since a little goes a long way, a tube will last you for quite a while. The only bad thing that i don’t like about this product is that there isn’t one shade that is an exact match for my skin tone. I’m a true mac NC25 and have to mix the lightest and the second lightest shade (classic ivory and pure beige) to get a close match.However, I can actually just get away with using the lightest shade, classic ivory, for light concealing under my eyes as well as for highlighting, when i’ve applied full coverage foundation. Either way, I have to say that it’s the best drugstore concealer that I’ve ever tried so far. The shade Nude is too dark for me, so does anyone want it?? :D

(photo credits :
Ecotools Bronzer Brush

this is a synthetic bristle brush that’s very dense and soft! perfect for applying powder foundation and mineral foundation! as for bronzing, it does al alright job but it doesn’t give much precision to the area that it’s contouring. regardless, this is definitely one of my favourite face brushes that i’ve ever purchased at Watsons! i would be super happy to receive this as a gift! the more the merrier! i gotta save up to repurchase more when they’re back in stock at my nearest Watsons! :)

maybelline mineral blush in gentle pink

i don’t know what i’ll do when i run out of this blush :( i haven’t seen these in stores for a long while! i’ve used this since i was 15 years old and till this date, it is hands-down my favourite mineral blusher ever. it’s very finely-mileld, doesn’t look cakey on the skin, lasts all day (especially with a makeup setting spray) and somehow diffuses well into the skin for that natural flush of colour that picks up very prettily on camera. i’ve tried blushers from high-end brands but this one still performs so much better in terms of wear longevity and colour intensity. i had to get mine from (HERE) and it was on SALE! ^^ i’ve been on a crazy blush spree lately because i feel that a good blush instantly livens up the face and makes me appear more youthful ^^

La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector

this product didn’t work out well for me initially for some reason when my acne breakouts were more severe but as my skin gradually recovered, this product did its magic in helping to treat my mild acne! :D it’s got Ninacinamide that kills p.acne bacteria (more effectively than Benzoyl Peroxide in my opinion)  and has a mixture of ingredients that won’t dry out the skin while it treats the inflamed blemish. the great thing about this product is that it reduces swelling and redness, and drives out the excess pus lying underneath the skin within 3 days of usage. it works well for acne on the back as well. i use this all over my face instead of just on targeted blemishes as it helps keep every pore uninfected, which results in clearer skin under 1 week, i’ve repurchased and will continue to buy this over any Oxy acne product since this works so much faster and better on my sensitive skin.

Thermal Spring Water by La Roche-Posay

i love this to bits!!! i’m feeling quite sad that i’ve just ran out of it and can’t use it until i find time to pop by Watsons to get a new bundle of this! it calms my skin irritations very well and preps my skin for the absorption of other skincare products that follows after it. i’ve got a detailed review for you to read more about it as well as a comparison to other brands’ thermal spring water : HERE .

Naruko Rosemary Cool Revitalizing Shower Gel

this feels absolutely refreshing when it’s on the skin and smells very crisp and fresh! i got mine off the website (HERE)! the mixture of rosemary and mint makes this shower gel very ideal for the humid weather here as it cools the skin and leaves a light minty scent on the skin after washing it off. the only downside to this product is that it contains SLES as it’s second ingredient. this foaming agent helps to facilitate easy lathering of the soap to make it more foamy but is also said to be potentially harmful to the skin and body after prolonged use. i really love using this in the shower as it leaves me feeling very clean and fresh, but as for long term SLES usage, I do have to double check on that through in depth research. SLS & SLES are very commonly used in our commercial shampoos, soaps, shower gels…. the list goes on and on.. meanwhile, i’d probably still repurchase this product just cos i love every other aspect of it so much! :D

those are my top favourites for the month of September! ^^

if you’ve got any questions, feel free to leave a comment & i’ll get back to you as soon as i can! :D

have a great weekend & God bless!



Sharing My 5 March Favourites with You!

Products Mentioned:

No.7 Fine Focus Powder Foundation in 03 Natural Beige
Etude House Aura Volumer in #2 Iridescent Pearl (MY REVIEW:
Vaseline Total Moisture Soft & Glow Cocoa Body Lotion
Lush Tea Tree Water
Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Icy Gel

Enjoy the short video lovelies! ^^