REVIEW: GlamPalm Hair Straightener!


I AM SO EXCITED to share my favourite hair styling tool with you today! :) It’s been such a joy using this hair tool because with it, I now have good hair days everyday! I’m even bringing it along with me to Sydney! My flight’s in a couple of hours’ time, and this was the first thing that I placed in my suitcase :)

The model that I got here is the GP313, the medium sized one out of the 3 sizes that GlamPalm has.

For more information on which one suits your hair needs best, click out this Styler Guide to find out more:


The package arrived in pristine condition and I was really happy to see a beautiful sleek black case! Many hair straighteners are a pain to travel with since they either come in slouchy drawstring bags or with no casing at all. I love how travel-friendly this is!


The case comes with 2 hair clips for hair sectioning while styling the hair. I really appreciate the attention to detail here – from packaging to having hair clips included in the case itself (and even a rubberised band to secure the clips). Thumbs up!


There’s also a sturdy plastic casing to enclose the tool when it’s not in use. I’m really particular about packaging and ease of use, so I was delighted to notice all these quality packaging and storage features.


When switched on, the GlamPalm straightener beeps off with a little beep jingle, and lights up at 150 degrees by default. I usually turn it up to 180 to 200 degrees for my styling use. Once the lights are solid blue within just 15 seconds (I swear this is amazing. The entire tool is really hot and ready to use in 15 secs!), it’s good to use.


Heres my frizzy hair before styling :(


i love how GlamPalm straightener makes my hair even shinier than before! Sleek, smooth hair ^^


ah, am finally presentable for a day out with friends :)

Why GlamPalm Straightener wins my vote as my holy grail hair tool:

  • Heat settings (11 variable temperatures from 100°C to 200°C)

I enjoy using hair straighteners at 120degrees for my fringe and at 180degrees for the rest of my long pieces of hair. I’ve over 5 hair tools at home, and none of them are able to go below 150degrees. The temperature range for this hair styling tool is something that I really enjoy having when I’m styling my hair for the day.

  • Heat up time

When you’re pressed for time, but still wanting to look pulled together early in the morning, having a styling tool that is ready to use in 15 seconds is a quite a game changer. It heats up entirely and has the temperature stable at the indicated temperature. No overheating too. :)

  • Ceramic Plates infused with Healing Stone

I’ve never had a straightener that’s made my hair feel smoother and shinier than my original hair state. It’s quite amazing. I was sort of skeptical before using this, but now I refuse to use other straighteners other than this one from GlamPalm.

  • Design & Feel of the iron

The sweat absorbing grip of this hair tool makes the whole styling experience much more enjoyable and efficient.

  • Ease of use

The 3 metre cord and the 360degrees swivel cord have greatly improved my hair styling experience. I can now twist the hair tool towards any direction that I want, and can easily style my hair from any distance away from the power socket. A 3 metres cord is indeed really long but it comes in really handy for photoshoots or for styling appointments.

Overall, I’m just so delighted to have my GlamPalm hair styling straightener with me and I’m giving a two thumbs up for this widely raved hair tool. :)

Visit to purchase yours today! Key in YVETTIA to enjoy $15 off your purchase at GlamPalm! :)



REVIEW: The new L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Haircare range


Japan’s No.1 Treatment Brand L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil has transformed the hair of countless women with our full range of Extraordinary Oil Treatments.

With the same 6 precious flower oils, the new Extraordinary Oil Hair Care range promises a luxurious and sensorial hair transformation that cleanses and conditions from the scalp, with the perfect balance of airy lightness on the roots and deep nourishment on the ends.

Though oils might appear too greasy or heavy on our hair, it is widely used in cleansers for their ability to dissolve sebum, dirt and waterproof make up, and at the same time hydrating and nourishing the skin without compromising its moisturize level. It’s effect is actually

L’Oréal Paris Hair Care introduces our most premium and luxurious hair care range- Extraordinary Oil Hair Care to help women tackle all their hair problems and achieve soft, smooth, strengthened and shiny hair all at once.


Here’s my hair after using the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil shampoo, conditioner and hair oil! Shiny & very lightweight! This haircare range is very suitable for those who’re looking for deep hydration to the hair without any greasy feeling to the scalp and hair. I’ve got very dry hair ends, so honestly, the conditioner didn’t work as well for my hair, but the mask did the job well by reducing the frizzy ends and helping to restore shine to the bottom bleached part of my hair.

Benefits of Cleansing with Oil:

On the scalp: The blend of 6 flower oils deeply cleanses the scalp to remove excess sebum

and dirt, with additional anti-bacterial properties. Moisture is not stripped from the scalp, but

balance is restored to the sebaceous glands.

On the hair: The blend of 6 flower oils deeply penetrates into the hair keratin and luxuriously

nourishes and strengthens the hair from within.

Hair is strengthened with a lustrous shine and feels sumptuously soft and smooth. Even

without styling products, hair is transformed- weightlessly free-flowing and becomes more

manageable. Light and non-greasy, the range is infused with a lush floral fragrance and is

suitable for normal to dry hair.

This hair mask is my favourite from this range! It leaves my hair feeling smooth, frizz free and light!

This hair mask is my favourite from this range! It leaves my hair feeling smooth, frizz free and light!

Extraordinary Oil Shampoo 440ml: $16.90

Extraordinary Oil Conditioner 440ml: $16.90

Extraordinary Oil Balm Hair Mask 250ml: $19.90

The L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Care will be first available at Watsons from May 2015 onwards, and available at Guardian, Sasa, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores from June 2015 onwards.


Cheers to healthy, shiny hair, beautifuls!



PHS Products & Scalp Treatment Service Review



Here comes my favourite product to use – PHS Hair Science Pro Tonic fore Hair Loss Prevention! I noticed baby hair growing on my hairline when I was using this product on the second week. By the fourth week, I was done with this bottle and had a full head of hair so thick that my hair stylist had to do some layering to my hair to tame the mane ^^ Hair strands on my hair brush was reduced too! And the best part was, the cooling sensation on the scalp! Ah~ *happy smiles*


This product cleanses the scalp very thoroughly and leaves my hair feeling very lightweight. Very ideal for those who have an oily scalp like I do! A conditioner is a must for anyone with colour treated hair. I needed a hair mask on my very dry hair ends whenever I use this, but that’s because my hair strands are indeed really dry to begin with :(



About PHS (Professional Holistic Solutions) Hair Science

PHS (Professional Holistic Solutions) Hair Science is a revolutionary new concept in hair

and scalp treatments. They combine the wonders of nature with the latest advancements in

technology and research to come up with the best treatments for hair and scalp problems.

They believe that most scalp and hair problems can be treated – not only through the use of

effective products, but through proper consultation and advice. They have trichologist-trained

consultants to analyse scalp conditions and customize detailed programmes for customers,

based on their signature 3-steps DSR (Detox, Stabilise, and Regrow) programme.

For more information on PHS (Professional Holistic Solutions) Hair Science, do visit or or

  • Ngee Ann City

#05-25A/B, 391 Orchard Road

Singapore 238872

  • Plaza Singapura

#04-34/35, 68 Orchard Road

Singapore 238839

  • Wheelock Place

#04-12, 501 Orchard Road

Singapore 238880

  • Hotline: 6692 0662


PHS Hair Science Purifying Scalp Spa Therapy

Treatment: PHS Hair Science Purifying Scalp Spa Therapy

Duration: 100 minutes

Price: $228 (excl. GST)

A healthy scalp is the key to beautiful hair. PHS Hair Science’s Purifying Scalp Spa

Therapy is the answer to restoring the often delicate and unhealthy scalp that hides beneath

our hair. Designed to feed and nurture the scalp, the therapy boosts the beauty of hair from

within. As no scalp condition is the same, the Purifying Scalp Spa Therapy is highly

customised and tailored accordingly to remove build-up of oil, dirt, dead skin cells and restore

the pH level of the scalp.


As with all PHS Hair Science treatments, the Purifying Scalp Spa Therapy is developed by

expert trichologist, using professional range Trichological products. Beginning with the

detailed scalp and hair analysis, be prepared to experience total scalp wellness in this

professional, holistic therapy where ONLY Premium Graded Ingredients are used:

  • High concentration of Licorice Root Extract which removes follicle blockage, allowing

hair follicles to breath and absorb nutrients for healthy growth

  • Purslane Extract that balances pH level of the scalp, reducing the occurrence of

troubling scalp symptoms


Treats: Normal and Oily Scalp

Experience: Immerse yourself in this relaxing and revitalising scalp therapy with PHS Hair

Science. Sit back and enjoy the treatment as the therapist begins with application of the

Scaling Lotion and a 5 minutes scalp massage. This removes oil, dirt and residue, clearing all

clogged follicles, leaving your scalp rejuvenated. Before shampooing your hair, you will

experience a 10 minutes Oxygen Therapy which facilitates microcirculation of blood supplies

to the hair follicles. After shampooing, a total luxurious experience awaits as you sit back and

enjoy a relaxing 10 minutes shoulder and neck massage before getting your scalp treated

with the pH Balancing Lotion. Lastly, a 5 minutes scalp massage will be administered to

relax your scalp and increase blood circulation. Relax and unwind as you enjoy your

treatment in a cosy spa room that is well-equipped with your own personal entertainment

console. Catch any of your favourite movies and leave your tresses in the good hands of the

experienced therapists.




This is my hair after the entire treatment session! A complimentary hair styling will be done too! These are second day hair that you’re looking at :) I was amazed at how clean my scalp felt (I have oily scalp) and how voluminous my hair strands were! Best of all, the curls stayed in after a night of tossing and turning :) You pay for what you get, I guess. The treatment is on the pricier end but yet again, it did so much for my scalp and hair :)



I love how my hair feels thick yet lightweight! My scalp didn’t itch as much as it did before, from all the hair dye sessions and all that I did previously. I’m planning on signing on a package with PHS Hair Science because the results were evident and haircare is indeed very important to upkeep too. Pampering myself just once a month! :)

Check them out today! They’re definitely the coolest haircare treatment centre out there in the market for all young working adults who want some TLC for their crowning glory :)



REVIEW: Hair Treatment Experience at Hair Xpect Studio!



I was very excited to be invited to Xpect studio for a hair treatment session as I’ve heard and seen many beautiful hairstyles done for my fellow beauty blogger friends by this particular hair salon. Xpect Studio is a reputable local hair and beauty salon that has highly skilled hairstylists with a minimum of 5 years of experience each :) I was attended by Yvonne, the salon manager of Xpect Studio Orchard International Building :)

As I’d several rounds of bleaching done to get my highlights in, Yvonne recommended Neoprocess AF for my hair treatment. This set consists of ingredients such as ceramide and amino acids to strengthen the cortex of each hair strand to revive weak and thin hair back to its original state of bouncy, shiny hair.




The entire treatment was done in about 1.5 hours, after which Yvonne stepped in to help trim an inch off my hair ends since they’re quite damaged. The scalp massage done during the hair wash segment was amazing and it went on for a solid 15 mins or so! I felt so relaxed and happy that I was in good hands during my entire time at Xpect Studio.




Photo with Yvonne, Salon Manager of Xpect Studio! LOOK AT MY HAIR! I’d only do a perm like this once my hair strands are able to take on chemical processing. It’d take a few months of hair treatments but hey, that beats having hay-dry hair right? :) The service at Xpect was warm and hospitable, with every staff having the health of your hair in mind first before your requests. I like this aspect of how they handle each customer’s hair because many salons will just push for their chemical services to drive daily sales. #pastexperience I even bought a Shiseido Powder Hair Spray recommended by Yvonne while I was there as it’s one of the best lightweight setting sprays I’ve ever used. Shiseido does make the best asian hair products IMHO :)

All in all, I spent the whole Thursday in a really jolly mood because a great hair day makes every girl smile, doesn’t it? :)

Head down to Xpect Studio now and enjoy their current promotions! really value-for-money! :)




L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise EverStrong Hair & Scalp System + Extraordinary Oil with UV Filter Reviews






I was invited to Loreal media event to find out more about their new range and new product – Everstrong Hair & Scalp System, as well as the highly raved Extraordinary Oil that now comes with an added UV filter protection factor. I’ve been a huge fan of the original Extraordinary Oil because it’s so versatile in use and is the ONLY hair leave-in oil that leaves my have feeling very lightweight, smooth and tangle free.

And yes, as you see above, I did some flower arrangement during the event session! ^^ haven’t lost touch of my flower arrangement skills :) I love having fresh flowers in my room, do you? :)

Let’s get started with the review, shall we??


EVERSTRONG THICKENING shampoo & conditioner

EVERSTRONG THICKENING shampoo & conditioner

Clinically tested for stronger and thicker hair in 30 days, the new EverStrong Hair & Scalp SystemTM revives hair to the strength and volume it truly deserves with the complete regime from this thickening range.

Everstrong Shampoo

Everstrong Shampoo

L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Thickening Shampoo (250ml/59ml): $14.90/$3.90

Everstrong Conditioner

Everstrong Conditioner

L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Thickening Conditioner (250ml/59ml): $14.90/$3.90


L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Thickening Tonic (150ml): $29.90

Hair Expertise EverStrong Hair & Scalp SystemTM is 100% free of sulfates, harsh salts and parabens; 100% vegan; and enhanced only with natural botanicals. The winning formula, backed by years of research also comes infused with the natural aromatic properties of ingredients like Rosemary and Mint, to further invigorate the senses and energize your hair.

Rosemary: Commonly used in recipes for hair growth stimulation and is known to help hair grow faster and prevent baldness. It also helps soothe dry, sensitive scalp and prevents dandruff.

Mint: A well-known scalp and follicle stimulant, mint is also often used in aromatherapy to invigorate and revitalize the senses.

Scalp is cleared of excess sebum and residue from styling products, promoting a healthy foundation that encourages hair growth.

Directions for Use

The L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Hair & Scalp SystemTM comes complete with shampoo, conditioner and tonic treatment.

  1. Cleanse: Gently massage EverStrong Thickening Shampoo onto wet hair and scalp to clarify scalp. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. Condition: Gently massage EverStrong Thickening Conditioner onto wet hair and scalp. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Treat: Spray the EverStrong Thickening Tonic onto roots over the entire head and gently massage into scalp. Do not rinse.
Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection

Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection, $26.90 for 100ml

Enriched with UV Filter Protection, experience the difference in texture as the oil works the roots, promising extraordinary sleekness, luminous shine and a weightless touch. Be enthralled by glamour-ready hair that’s extraordinarily luscious and smooth as silk.

Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection is bottled with L’Oréal Paris’s winning concoction of six flower extracts – Flax, Tiare, Rose, Lotus, Chamomile and Matricaria, infused together with additional UV Filter Protection. The formula helps moisturise hair, breathe life into limp hair and protects hair colour against fading.

Prolonged UV exposure can break down our hair proteins, causing hair to look dull and weaken hair.

This takes place when moisture (which is ever present in the form of water vapour in the surrounding air) and sunlight, hair’s other great enemy, combines to accentuate the negative effects on hair. Melanin degradation is encouraged and sun linked decoloration intensifies. Keratin itself is altered, making the hair fragile and easily damaged. This process is also commonly referred to as hair oxidization.

Quick Fact: Hair takes up water even without bathing in the sea, showers or shampooing. In fact, it is permeable to water vapour which is always present in the surrounding air to a greater or lesser extent. This is what makes hair so much more difficult to manage in humid weather. 

this is me right after blow drying my hair! week 3 of daily usage of the 3 step everstrong series together with the Extraordinary Oil +UV filter products as a pre-shampoo treatment and then leave-in treatment after blow drying. YAY I HAVE FLUFFY, SOFT HAIR! I noticed so much lesser hair fallout too. Am so in love with this range!

this is me right after blow drying my hair! week 3 of daily usage of the 3 step everstrong series together with the Extraordinary Oil +UV filter products as a pre-shampoo treatment and then leave-in treatment after blow drying. YAY I HAVE FLUFFY, SOFT HAIR! I noticed so much lesser hair fallout too. Am so in love with this range!

Some tips on how to use the EO product:

  • Before Coloring Your Hair
    Use Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection to prepare your hair for color treatment. Apply a few drops of Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection to your hair the night before. Hair will be deeply nourished and well-prepped for color treatment so hair will not be left dry and brittle.
  • Before Blow Drying
    The moisturising benefits of Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection, protects hair from the aggressions of heated styling tools. To apply, use a comb that will allow the oil to glide and gently penetrate the hair fiber.
  • Mix It With Your Hair Mask
    A minimum of once a week, bring out the natural beauty of your hair with Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection. Mix Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection with your hair mask. Wrap your hair in a warm, moist towel so the products can penetrate deeply. Rinse in cold water after five minutes.
  • As a Finishing Touch
    Apply a few drops of Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection as a finishing touch or touch-up during the day to keep your hair looking neat, fresh and constantly nourished.

Overall, I have absolutely nothing negative to comment about all the products mentioned in this post. These are actually even better than the expensive haircare products that I’ve personally invested in. I have good hair days almost everyday and I’m definitely gonna continue using this range! I’m on my second set now, that’s how much I like these products!

I saw results after the first week and a great decrease in hair fallout after the second week. I highly recommend this range for those who have oily scalp, minor hair loss problems and hair breakage problems.

Many drugstores have the mini sized versions or even samples of these products, so do give them a try! Price wise, they’re rather affordable too :)

If you’ve got brightly coloured hair, the Pink range (I forgot the name of it) in this Loreal Sulphate Free range will keep your hair colour locked in for quite a while :) I speak from experience since I had bright red hair for 5 months :)

Cheers to beautiful hair!