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this photo got so many "likes" on instagram! <3 thank you ^^ *blushes*

My Portraiture Album by Photographer Bobby Kiran Yeo!









"everything will be alright, if i just, breathe." - Michelle Branch

“everything will be alright, if i just, breathe.” – Michelle Branch

this photo got so many “likes” on instagram! thank you ^^ *blushes*


bestie alicia's blue hydrangea ^^ she specially got it for me to match my dress <3

bestie alicia’s blue hydrangea ^^ she specially got it for me to match my dress <3

sea waves, violin and me :)

sea waves, violin and me :)

i almost fell into the water when we're doing the "kicking water" shots! i'd so much fun though! :D

i almost fell into the water when we’re doing the “kicking water” shots! i’d so much fun though! :D

when the red hair gets messy, just mess it up more and laugh it off :D

when the red hair gets messy, just mess it up more and laugh it off :D

Disclaimer : This photo shoot package was partially sponsored by Bobby Kiran Photography, meaning that I still did pay a portion of the deal from my own pocket. All views and opinions are of my own. I’m not paid to write this review nor will I earn any commission from doing this review.

Bobby Kiran Photography FB Page

EMAIL : info@bobbykiranyeo.com


Company Overview

The most precious memories are captured in our hearts. As we know, memories do fail us at times. Saving them in prints are worth a lifetime, perhaps even more than that. We, at Bobby Kiran Photography, aim to capture images worthy of keepsakes for many generations to come. Defining and preserving your heritage as how you want your story to be told.

I sent an email to contact Bobby after seeing the gorgeous photos of Jessica on her blog! I mean, she’s already so pretty in real life, but the photos made her look so stunning! Bobby got back to me super fast and patiently answered all my enquiries while giving me some suggestions to give me a better idea on what to expect. I’ve always wanted to do an outdoor photo shoot, because all my past portraitures were taken indoors. The theme that i wanted was something to do with the sea/beach, as such, Bobby suggested Sentosa’s Palawan Beach, which was indeed quite a good place to take some pretty shots!

From my personal interaction with Bobby, I found him to be very friendly and open to my suggestions. I really liked this aspect because having worked with many photographers for other shoots, I know that it’s very important for both the photographer and client to have clear communication of what’s to be done in order for the photos to turn out well :) We met a day prior to the photo shoot to discuss and finalize what’s to be brought down and all. Bobby’s a very pleasant person to talk to, so everything was easy peasy with him around :)

Photo shoot day itself went on pretty fine too! I was so so so so exhausted after rushing from school and really had no energy left to smile and look photogenic. I was glad to have my best friend, Alicia, around to make me laugh during the shots and Bobby too, who’d given me tips on how to pose, smile and look. :)

Overall, I’d a good time there and the photos do look pretty ^^ I’m gonna turn 21 on 20 Jan 2013, and I’m both excited and anxious about it. Am very happy to be able to have an album to look back and say, “hey! this was how i smiled, laughed and enjoyed myself just before i turn 21! :D”

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” 
― William W. Purkey


Heroine Make Singapore Match & Win Contest!


3 Lucky winners with all the 5 correct match will each win a Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara.

Winners will be announced on Heroine Make Facebook Page on 11th June 2012(3pm)



Contest period:
4th – 11th June 2012(12pm)

How to participate: 
Match all the 5 Before & After photos correctly by commenting on the Facebook app’s comment section.
A. – 5.
B. – 4.
C. – 3.
D. – 2.
E. – 1.

Announcement: 2 Winners of My April 2012 Giveaway! (Singapore Residents Only)

chubby penguin has found the TWO LUCKY WINNERS! :D

i’m really happy to have had so many of you participate in this little giveaway of mine!

regardless of whether you’ve won or not, here’s a big hug and a thank you for all the unwavering support and encouragement that all of you’ve given to me! :)

i truly appreciate all the participation, feedback and responses from you lovely readers! ^^

i’d be having another giveaway in about 2 weeks’ time! there’ll be 4 winners for that one, so stay tuned for that!

i only pick those who haven’t won anything from previous giveaways, so as to give everyone a fair chance ya? :)

so let’s begin with the announcement of the 2 winners!~

Hair Tools & Accessories Set 1 : Watsons 3-in1 hair tools set, dark brown braided hairband, Hairpoof cinch pins


Name: Sharon Ngo
Email: heaming88@hotmail.com
“I prefer Set 1 with the 3-in-1 Hair set, which I think will be of much help to my frizzy hair. Hopefully no more ponytails.
The video I like most is the Valentines make up. Definitely helped me to look my best, and different from my usual self on that special day. Receives compliments for it too. Thanks.”

Pretty things set 2 : 3 pairs of earrings, mizuki doll, high quality sponges & galaxy reindeer cropped tee (uk6-10)


Name: emobkworm

Email: emobkworm1113@yahoo.com.sg

“Hey Yvette, I’d love to get set 2 with all those prettypretty things, especially the galaxy-printed reindeer top :) My favourite video of yours? Definitely the ‘Eyebrow tutorial for those with naturally denser eyebrows’. I have genetically bushy eyebrows and this tutorial has helped thin them out, making them look much more refined yet still very natural. Ever since subscribing to you, I’ve known and loved so many of your other videos but this is the one that relates to me the most :)

I’d like to make a few suggestions as well! :D How about a tutorial for big doe eyes and/or eye makeup that goes well with glasses? And I’m just dying to know your skincare routine! :D

Thank you for the generous giveaway and for all your blog and video entries. They have greatly inspired me, and I’m sure other readers as well, in my makeup routine and also in life. I wish you all the best! <3″


I’ve sent you an email regarding your collection of your prizes!

You have 48 hours to get back to me, so hopefully you’ll check your email accounts in time or I’ll have to pick another winner!

Thank you once again for everyone’s enthusiastic participation in this giveaway!

I promise to have as many giveaways as I can in the future!

Have a great Labour Day Holiday! :D

Laura Mercier Brand Introduction & Product Guide *picture heavy*

I was very fortunate to have been given such an in-depth and informative press kit about Laura Mercier’s products after attending the Laura Mercier Launch Party at Sephora today! :) *a huge thank you to Catherine, Celeste & Tiffany! ^^ *

As such, I thought that these snapshots would be useful for all you interested buyers out there who’re keen on checking out Laura Mercier’s star products. It’s a great guide to finding out what you might be more keen to try out! I personally love the lil tips and tricks included in the product introduction pages!

If you haven’t tried out Laura Mercier before, I highly recommend that you try their secret camouflage concealers (even Kandee Johnson on Youtube raves about it!) and their foundation range. The Laura Mercier range is available at Sephora Ion Orchard :)

I’ll be doing a detailed review on some of the products that I’ve received from the event so stay tuned for that! :)

You may click on the pictures to enlarge them for greater clarity!

Enjoy! :)

just a snippet of their LONG LONG list of awards! these are the more recent ones :)

am really interested in trying the silk cream!

Exciting News for April Bellabox!

EXCLUSIVE Flawless Beauty – April bellabox

flaw·less [flaw-lis] adjective: having no discernible blemishes or shortcomings; perfect.

The April bellabox – your guide to looking flawless

#1 Journey of perfection and flawless beauty with Bellabox!

#2 Be the first to discover the newest products and brands to achieve a perfectly polished look!

#3 Be the first to be informed of insider tips that will ensure you  a flawless look from day to night whatever the occasion!


Each month bellabox delivers the very best in beauty with an assortment of high end, prestige and brand new beauty products delivered to your door. Bellabox is the only beauty box to work directly with brand owners and authorised distributors to guarantee your products are new, fresh and authentic!

Bellabox has acquired new amazing brand partners to be made available you, including Benefit Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, Ahava, Elizabeth Arden, High Tech Cosmetics, Annick Goutal and many more.
Look out for more exciting brand partner announcements coming soon!

i'd always wanted to have a vintage pink mail box! whoo!~ imagine opening the pink mail box (of course, it needs to be bigger to fit parcels. hehe) and retrieving a PINK bellabox from it! SO FUN! :D haha~

<insert star jumps. haha>
I can’t express how excited I am about not just the upcoming April Bellabox, but also for the future Bellaboxes in the months to come! The new participating brands at Bellabox just gets better and better! :D
At just S$15 per month, it’s certainly money well spent on trying genuine, top notch samples/full-sized items. Very affordable for a student like me with a limited spending budget! :)
I personally have benefitted a lot from the Bellabox experience as it has helped me to find suitable products for myself! Being exposed to other cult brands has also increased my awareness and knowledge of other fantastic products out of what’s currently available in the Singapore market! :)
It’s been a joy shopping at the Bellabox store too! I love using my Bellabox points earned from referrals and membership subscriptions to get discounts on products! I’ve since purchased Twistband headbands (they are SO COMFORTABLE to wear! doubles up as a great hair tie too!), Savoir Cosmetics Lipgloss (it’s like eating liquid candy on your lips! MY REVIEW HERE) & Eylure Sex and the City Miranda False lashes (super lightweight and easy to put on! i always save them for special occasions)! I’m sure that I’ll be tempted to get more from the Bellabox Store once they’ve stocked up on more awesome products from their participating brands! YAY! ^^
Can’t wait to share with all of you about my upcoming April Bellabox once it reaches me in mid April!
Do let me know what you got & your thoughts about the items too! :)
Till then,
have a fruitful week ahead! :)
God bless! ^^

P.S. my little inspiration of the day :) just thought of sharing this lovely quote with you :)