Naruko Apple Seed & T- Acid Soothing White Hydra Essence Review



**I’ve just got a light dusting of loose powder all over my face :) no liquid foundation at all :) base makeup coverage has been reduced to the minimal for the photos taken! :) No flash photography nor highlighters were used :) you can still spot imperfections in my skin here and there because, well, i don’t have perfect skin! :D **




DIY project: the cardboard packaging can be cut and folded into this nifty pencil case! comes with a complimentary stuck-on velcro for the closure of the casing! i use this to store my hair ties, hair clips and headbands! looks cute too!

Product Name Naruko Apple Seed & T- Acid Soothing White Hydra Essence
Retail Price S$23.90 sold at the NARUKO SG STORE
***This is a sponsored product. However, all views and opinions are of my own. I do not earn any commission from doing this review or from any referral sales of this product.
The Good 1)   Removes remnants of makeup quite well even after I’ve double cleansed my skin with cleansing wipes and cleansing foam. The cotton pad’s always dirty. It’s good to know that I’m getting junk stuff off my skin!

2)   Nozzle is of an appropriate dispensing size; amount poured out can be controlled easily.

3)   Affordable

4)   Brightens and lightens the skin significantly after 8 days of usage. I’m now 2 shades lighter than I was before. Works better and faster than my SKII products!

5)   Reduces redness in skin effectively when used with the APPLE SEED HYDRA MILK. I’ve noticed that the redness around my nose and cheeks have reduced ever since I started using the Apple Seed range, consisting of the essence and this hydrating milk.

6)   Has helped my acne scars fade twice as fast. No joke, you can hardly see my acne scars underneath the light concealer coverage! BB creams now give me full coverage with just 1 layer on, so I’m really happy that I’ve found a suitable skincare range that performs well in fading those nasty acne scars fast and effectively.

7)   Does refine and tighten pores.

8)   Gently exfoliates the skin when the essence is soaked onto an exfoliating cotton pad. It performs better than other essence toners which I’ve tried, as my skin feels smoother and brighter right after the whole light scrubbing procedure every alternate day.

The Bad 1)   Does sting the skin a little, especially if you’ve got open, raw blemishes or if you put too much essence on the cotton pad. You only need about a 50cents coin amount on each cotton pad, so don’t overdo the essence application as it might end up irritating your skin in the long run. Less is more!

2)   Drying, thus has to be used with other moisturizing products to relief the skin of the slight tightness after application. Those who’ve got dry skin, please don’t use this. As seen in the Naruko poster, the Apple Seed Range is most suited for Normal to Oily Skin!

3)   I don’t think we can get this in Watsons outlets. You need to purchase this from the Naruko Sg online store.


Overall Rating  5 out of 5
Will I repurchase this? YES.

It removes any remnants of makeup on my skin, brightens my skin, reduces the appearance of my freckles, reduces overall redness from skin sensitivity…..what more can I ask for? The bottle’s quite huge too – very value-for-money! That’s one of the main reasons why I’ve been using so many Naruko skincare products nowadays. They’re priced reasonably, creative outer packaging that encourages recycling and reusing, offers many skincare ranges for different skin concerns, are against animal testing and uses natural ingredients! Overall, I’m very impressed by the Apple Seed range and will be trying out the serum from this range soon as my skincare routine always works so much better with serums included in it!




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