New Badge : Naruko Certified Beauty Blogger!

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I was so so so so happy to have been awarded this badge!

As you might have noticed, I’ve been reviewing quite a few Naruko products nowadays because I’m really loving this wallet-friendly skincare brand for all that it’s done for my skin. I first discovered the Naruko Brand through a Taiwanese Beauty Variety Show, Nu Ren Wo Zui Da. I watch the daily episodes HERE :) It’s in Mandarin though, no English subtitles :( I’m Chinese so I’ve no problem in understanding what they’re talking about, but for those who don’t understand or aren’t fluent in Mandarin, I believe that there will be other portals that support the uploaded translated episodes :)

Naruko products are sold online as well as selected Watsons Outlets.

I’ve done several Naruko reviews to date, and will continue to give my honest opinions and recommendations for future reviews, regardless of whether they’re sponsored or not.

I feel that as a beauty blogger, it’s important for me to assume responsibility and integrity when it comes to recommending products. There will always be pros and cons to each product and I’m not expecting every single product that I’ve chosen to work well for my skin there and then. It’s always been my goal to provide my readers with objective reviews that’re unbiased and true :)

I appreciate all the congratulatory twitter responses from my lovely #bblogger friends on twitter! <3 I’m very thankful to be in a community of supportive beauty bloggers! :D I love making lots of new friends who share the same interests and passion like I do!

Thank you very much for all your support here on!

P.S.’s turning 1 on 11 August 2012! A HUGE giveaway will be up real soon!!


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