Naruko Tea Tree Acne & Oil Out Targeted Treatment Review



the packaging can be folded into a stationery holder! I use it to contain bottom buds and the product bottle itself! looks pretty and neat! :D the last picture shows the color of the mixture when the solution has been mixed up by shaking :) you can use a cotton bud or your fingers to apply it all over the face :)

Product Name Naruko Tea Tree Acne & Oil Out Targeted Treatment
Retail Price S$25.90 on the Naruko Sg Online Store
The Good 1)   Contains acne-fighting ingredients that work very well for me: Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Sulfur and Mint Oil. All these are anti-inflammatory ingredients that help reduce redness and promote healing of blemishes faster.2)   No parabens, against animal testing (yay!) and no artificial ingredients added, making it an ideal product for infected blemishes as it doesn’t irritate the skin further.

3)   Dropper tip, which facilitates easy dispensing of the product.

4)   Mint essential oil extracts in the product soothes the skin as it gives a cooling sensation to red, painful and raw blemishes. It also has anti-inflammatory properties too.

5)   Very affordable at about S$26 per bottle. Lasted me a good 3 weeks of heavy daily usage, as I needed my horrid skin to heal up fast from the massive acne breakouts all over my cheek area.

6)   Doesn’t dry skin out badly despite the maximum dose of 2% salicylic acid in it, which dries up the top layer of skin to promote exfoliation that will eventually expose the healthy skin beneath the blemish. I believe that this is due to the moisturizing ingredients, such as Snow White Fungus.


The Bad 1)   Glass bottle might be fragile to handle for some! User must keep in mind to handle it with care!2)   Not readily sold in Watsons outlets, need to buy from Naruko Sg Online Store. That isn’t much of a problem for me since I can earn points on Naruko Sg Online Store through purchases to redeem items next time.


Overall Rating   5 out of 5
Will I repurchase this? Absolutely YES YES YES!This product has been a lifesaver for my skin. I’ve been going through phases of purging whereby my skin breaks out like CRAZY on my forehead and cheek area. When I first bought this product off the Naruko Online Store, I got 2 bottles as I saw many good reviews of this product. Honestly, I find this so much better than the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion as that product dried out my blemishes to the point that it left quite a dark brown scarring on my skin. As for this product, scarring has definitely been reduced and I really enjoy the cooling sensation that the mint oil gives when the solution is applied onto the skin. YOU NEED TO SHAKE THE PRODUCT BEFORE USING IT! This is a must if you want this product to work because it’s the mixture of the ingredients that will heal those nasty pimples and make it look a lot better the next morning. I’m on my 2nd bottle right now and am going to repurchase this product over and over again.



    1. i tried looking for it at the Watsons Causeway Point outlet as well as other outlets, but it seems like the Naruko shelves don’t have this particular product :( that’s why i always have to order mine straight form the Naruko Store :) it’s a very good product though, definitely worth the hassle. Hopefully Naruko Sg will bring this product to the Watsons shelves soon!

      1. have you been using it as a spot treatment? i was reading the directions and they also had this enhanced method of using it with cotton pads and the brand toner? if you tried the enhanced method, could you compare both briefly?
        I decided to order it online too, how was the courier delivery?

        1. yup, i do use it in 3 diff ways:

          1) thin layer all over the face when oil secretion and severity of acne are at its worst states. this soothes the skin and calms the skin down.
          2) spot treatment when pimples pop. helps to dry the blemish down and reduce redness and pain.
          3) soaking cotton pads with the mixture for 10mins on cystic acne sites that are red and difficult to heal. helps in reducing the soreness and redness :)

          the courier calls me most of the time before delivering it up to my place. the courier they’re using is EGM courier, quite good experience with them so far :)

          have ordered from Naruko umpteen times and have no problems with delivery :)

            1. you’re welcome! :D
              yeah, ikr, pimples are so annoying :( hopefully this product will work out just as well for you as it did for me! :D

              1. sorry for asking so many questions! but, which products from the tea tree line have you tried and love? i am actually contemplating on getting either the peeling gel or balancing serum.

                1. hmm, so far, i’ve tried out only this product and the balancing serum from the tea tree line as i’m more interested in brightening products right now :) i’ve done reviews for both products. you can search for it on the website :) i personally would go for the balancing serum, it’s very good when used together with this treatment mixture :)

                  1. read it! has anyone told you how straight to the point your reviews are? i love how you put them in table format too!! ok will be ordering the treatment and serum! :-)

                  2. yay! let me know how the treatment and serum worked for you! :D i really enjoyed those 2 products! hopefully you would too! haha, yeah, my style of writing reviews tends to be more on the concise, to-the-point kinda style since i know that many readers just want a clear breakdown of what’s good and bad about a product they’re interested in! :D great to know that you like the table format for my reviews! :D

  1. HELLO! I am almost down to half of the treatment and I am so happy to say that it works!!!! I love you for having this review and allowing me to find out about it! :-D It definitely doesn’t scar as much as BP!

    1. Hi Jien!
      Am so happy to know that the treatment lotion worked for you!^^ now we can spread the word about this gd product to friends and family who’re interested!:D
      Thanks for the awesome feedback!

  2. Hi Yvette,I started using e Tea Tree cleanser,toner n serum abt 1 wk ago. Stil has pimples popping out,serum is gd to soothe skin but does not heal nasty,painful pimples. Is e targeted treatment effective?I’ve got red n painful ones. Was still considering getting this.thx

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