Sexylook Intensive WHITENING Black Cotton Mask Review

Product Name Sexylook Intensive WHITENING Black Cotton Mask
Retail Price S$2 / piece on Secretive.sg, PURCHASE HERE
***This is a sponsored product. However, all views and opinions are of my own. I do not earn any commission from doing this review or from any referral sales of this product.
The Good 1)   The facial mask material clings very snugly onto the skin, as you can see in the photo. No bubbles or space gapping! Very form fitting.

2)   Mask essence is adequate and does not drip all over the rims of the face.

3)   Does get the essence in more quickly than typical white masks as my skin is left with lesser essence than usual when I remove the mask.

4)   Hydrating

5)   Hardly any fragrance which will irritate the eyes or sensitive skin

6)   Very appealing packaging; Stands out from the rest!

The Bad 1)   No pearl sheet separation underneath the mask fabric, making it quite difficult to peel it for application. Those with long, sharp nails will risk tearing the mask fabric as it’s considerably thin, like many other higher quality facial masks.

2)   Although it says that it’s a whitening mask, I was expecting more of a brightening effect on my skin, since that’s how whitening masks tend to work on my skin. However, I didn’t see any noticeable difference in skin tone. My skin did feel smoother and more hydrated, but I was expecting more radiance since it’s marketed as a Whitening Mask.

3)   The nose section isn’t covered up well. A little too short for me. Maybe I’ve got a wide and long nose? Maybe it’s just me?

Overall Rating   3 out of 5
Will I repurchase this? Nope.

As much as I love the packaging of this series, I have to say that this is the least favourite of mine among the 3 kinds. I’ve purchased the Moisturizing and Repairing ones just to compare all 3 to provide you with a comparison. Perhaps brightening results will only be seen when this mask is used consecutively for 4 days. However, I enjoy the snug fitting of the mask as it gets hydrating right down into my dehydrated skin. It does do a decent job as a facial mask, but I wished that the brightening effects could be much more visibly noticeable since that’s what it’s marketed for.

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