Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Lotion Review

Product Name Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Lotion
Retail Price S$24.90 available at Naruko SG store or at Watsons Outlets
The Good 1)    Almost scentless = little or no perfume added! Great for sensitive skin!

2)    Generous quantity for the affordable price.

3)    A little goes a long way as it’s viscosity is thicker than serums, somewhat like sunblock lotions? It’s a good texture to have if you’re patting this into the skin with your hands.

4)    Does hydrate rather well, better than regular lotions, so I’d say that those with dry skin types will have a better chance of enjoying this product.

The Bad 1)    Too hydrating for my combination skin! The T-zone area got oily under an hour’s time. I hadn’t used any moisturizer on top of this lotion. Perhaps it suits normal skin better.

2)    Doesn’t absorb well into cotton pads, making the application a tad messy and heavy when first applied to the skin.

Overall Rating   3 out of 5
Will I repurchase this? No.

This is a decent product but it didn’t do much for my skin. The lack of any stellar performance made me decide to pass it to my friend who’s got very clear skin, only lacking in radiance and hydration. I believe that this will work out much better for those who’ve almost problem-free skin and are looking for a hydrating, brightening lotion to incorporate into their skincare regime.

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