Lush Rockstar Soap Review

Product Name Lush Rockstar Soap
Retail Price About $11 per 100g at Lush, Wisma Atria (somewhere around that price. I can’t remember!)

There’s nothing hard rock or heavy metal about this soap. We’re serious about soap, but not too serious not to love our pink sudser. It’s unabashedly a best-selling pop hit that everyone, boys and girls, can’t wait to get their hands on. While you may object otherwise, once you try our pink, vanilla-scented cream soap you’ll be singing a different tune. Scented with real vanilla (the gorgeous stuff that comes from pods, not labs), and decorated with soap stars embedded inside you’ll want to give Rock Star a regular rotation in the soap dish.

The Good 1)   Pink soapsuds!!! I feel like a princess in my shower when I use this. Makes me happy to see bubbles in my favourite colour!

2)   My favourite scent is vanilla. Anything that smells like it, I’m a huge fan.

3)   Lots of bubbly foam! Soaps up well with a little water.

4)   Easy to carry about, since it’s in a bar form. I cut one bar for hand wash, and another for body shower!

5)   Sweet scent lingers on the skin even after washing it off. It isn’t an overpowering scent, just enough for you to pick up when you take a whiff of your arm after showering.

The Bad 1)   Slightly drying for those with very dry skin, like I do. However, I’ve a habit of putting on body lotion before I get out of the shower, so the slightly drying effect isn’t that bad for me. Still manageable.



Overall Rating  3 out of 5
Will I repurchase this? Yup.

I’ve recently purchased my second bar of Rockstar last week! I tried The Godmother soap when one of the Lush girls told me that it smelt similar to Rockstar, but I absolutely didn’t like it because it’s too drying for my skin and even for my hands. I threw half of that product away because I couldn’t stand it. Rockstar is a pretty soap to have in the shower for all pink-lovers out there! I’ve no idea if I got a slightly not-so-good Rockstar piece, but I found my current bar to be slightly less creamy and more drying than my previous Rockstar bar. I’ve gon through enough pieces of Rockstar to notice the difference. Perhaps it’s the aging of the soap that makes some pieces perform differently? My previous batch of Rockstar came form the Lush store in UK. I’m still gonna give other Lush soap bars a go before I decide on this as one of my top Lush favourites.





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