we're finally down to the last few questions! :D
a pat on the back for those who've read through both Part 1 & Part 2 ! <3

Ask Yvette! [Part 3]

we’re finally down to the last few questions! :D
a pat on the back for those who’ve read through both Part 1 & Part 2 ! <3

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oh my, my cheeks kinda flushed when i saw your question, Yi Jing!

Nonetheless, THAT’S A GOOD ONE!


alright, it happened when i was about 6 years old, dancing on stage for a performance at my kindergarden graduation ceremony.

the theme was “Under the Sea”, so the girls were dressed up in mermaid costumes, while the guys were either dressed up as sea creatures or as mermen.

so, everything seemed so perfect when i got the role as the lead dancer, right bang smack in the middle of the stage with all the attention on me. but EVERYTHING went wrong from the start of the performance till the end of it. *i just wanna die of embarrassment here*

first off, the dance teacher apparently, FORGOT to tell the costume tailor to include a inner slip to the bottom half of my costume piece, which meant that it’s translucent, even in natural room lighting. to make things worse, it’s DARK PURPLE and i wore WHITE underwear that day, assuming that my costume will be opaque as informed by my dance teacher. i only found out when i was in the changing room, 2 hours to performing! To make things even worse, i’d been told that the grassroots leaders, my friends and family will be watching the whole performance. I told myself to ignore it and kept telling myself that i’m wearing a BIKINI instead.

So yeah, once i got on stage, and stood under the bright stage lights, some of those in the front row were already having a clear view of my costume mishap. Didn’t help that they’re VIPs. :( After the performance, my dance teacher told me that my own clothing went missing because apparently, someone TOOK MINE MY ACCIDENT. i’d to walk home in a kids bikini bralet and a glittery fish tail, making a spectacle of myself too, wondering IF MY DANCE TEACHER HAD BEEN BEHIND ALL THESE “MISHAPS”!!!!

she traumatized a YOUNG KID aka me! :'(

So years went by and I thought that no one else will ever remember such stuff….BUT MY PRANKSTER CLASSMATE  HAD TO PULL OUT A PHOTO OF ME  IN THAT HIDEOUS OUTFIT DURING PRIMARY SIX GRADUATION DAY AND TOLD ME THAT HE’LL NEVER FORGET HOW FUNNY I LOOKED THEN! gosh, and he’d to do that in front of my primary school crush. mega embarrassment on top of public display of Minnie Mouse white underwear in the photo,in  which i think he saw also. :(

so yeah, there you have it, YI JING!

Hope you’d a good laugh! :D

Fav Colour: PINK!!! it’s a common girly color, but i just love it!

Fav Book: All books written by Roald Dahl!

Fav Country: Hmm, I’d have to say the US, just because makeup is SO MUCH cheaper there, and there’re so many states and places of attractions to visit! Almost everything that’s cool and happening originates from US. Almost, not everything :)

Additional question submitted via email :

1. what makes you happy and what disappoints you?
hmm, i can be happy quite easily actually, because i’ve found joy in being grateful to God for anything good that’s in life. like the air conditioning that i have switched on now because the monsoon heat is giving me headaches, marveling at the fluffy clouds in the clear blue sky, having lots of food to eat at home because my hunger can barely be satisfied for long nowadays, and for best friends like you who bother to submit questions to me despite your  dust allergy episode late at night! :) a lot of people can be happy if they could be at rest and be contented :) so actually, many try bits of things make up my day’s worth of happiness :)
well, i get really disappointed when people lie to me, go back on their word or betray my trust in them. this is something that destroys friendships and relationships. :( it won’t be the same again :(
2. you have an entire day to yourself, what would you do? (: thats 24 hours, 24 X 60 min, etc.. etc.. preciousssss.
i suppose that the term “entire day” doesn’t mean my LAST ENTIRE DAY IN MY LIFE, right? :P
well, i’d honestly just like to spend time with my mum, keeping things simple, carefree and fun. such as visiting yummy food places that’s away from the city area to chill out, chat and eat till our hearts’ content, take some pretty shots of shop houses and then buy some cute souvenirs from there for keepsake. we’ve done that before and it was quite fun. would love to do so again because it’s quality family time :)
thank you for the awesome questions, Alicia! <3
Charles of  Wickermoss Asks:
1) If you were a makeup product, what would you be and why?
Hmm, I’d have to say LIPSTICK! :)
Lip colors can totally transform a look, bringing it from a soft and demure look to a dramatic gothic one. This effect alone makes lipsticks my absolute favorite makeup item to own. I enjoy expressing the different sides of me, through my makeup, hairstyle and dressing. I hardly have one fixed look for a long time, because I’m still having a fun time experimenting with different styles. Constant change, that’s what lipsticks mean to me :)
2) Have you tried any makeup or skincare products from Manila? If you’d a chance to, which items would you be interested to try? :)
Actually, I haven’t been to Manila before nor do I own any makeup or skincare items that’re exclusively sold in Manila!
Hmm, but I do follow Say Tioco Artillero’s blog about makeup exclusively sold in Philippines and they look pretty good! I can’t recall the specific brand, but i do remember that it’s about lipsticks!
So that’s about all!
Thank you once again to everyone who’s supported me in contributing questions to this new segment of mine! :D
Does anyone want me to continue with such a segment here on Yvettia.com? :)
If you do, please let me know! :D
I wanna post things that you’ll be interested in! <3


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