Part 2! :D
This is so much fun! <3 Thanks to you ladies who've came up with such fun questions to answer! :D

Ask Yvette! [PART 2]

Part 2! :D
This is so much fun!

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My all time favorite product as of right now is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate! I can’t help but rave about it because it really lives up to its claims and has made my acne scars lighten up so quickly! I use 1 drop mixed into my oil-free moisturizer in the morning for my day skincare routine, 1 drop mixed into my eye cream + 3 drops for the entire face for my night time skincare routine. :)

I hope Kiehl’s will have some GSS promotion because i’m gonna head down real soon to get a bunch of skincare products!

haha, great question!

hmm, if i weren’t into beauty blogging, and still would have wanted to start a blog somehow, i’d have set up an “Aunt Agony” / female empowerment sort of blog to have girls send in questions to me about their difficulties in life and have them answered by myself as well as the community that supports the blog, as well as posting some articles on encouragement, self-confidence, body image…yeah, along those lines.

i’m not an expert in giving advice but i don’t mind sharing my honest two cents’ worth if i’m approached for help. plus, there’s lots of interaction within the blogging community, so other readers can contribute with their own perspective and everyone can have an interesting discussion :)

Thanks for the wonderful questions, Charlene! :D

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well, was set up solely based on my interests and passion for beauty related stuff. i don’t intend to pursue a career as a full-time beauty blogger because i’m still studying and would like to spend my time on carving out a career path outside of beauty blogging.  :)

as of right now, i’m preparing to host a huge international giveaway in August in celebration of’s first anniversary! :)

it’s my wish to keep a leisure hobby of mine, so i’m not too concerned about winning beauty blogger awards or signing up to compete with the other awesome beauty bloggers for the title. haha, i honestly think that i won’t even end up in the final rounds anyway! but i’ll do my part in supporting all the deserving finalists through voting, spreading the word, etc etc! <3

thank you for the question, Michelle! :D

with an jet black eyeliner pen, run it along the top and bottom lashes to intensify the darkness of the lashes. then wait till they’re dry and then curl the top lashes with an eyelash curler! tadah! you have natural-looking flared out lashes without the use of mascara! some male models use this trick at photoshoots too :) it looks really natural!

thanks for the question, Doro! <3

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i laughed so hard when i saw this question!

well, i can forgive foundation mismatch mistakes because, i’ve gone through that stage and know how difficult it can be to find the exact match of foundation.

These makeup mistakes leave me speechless.

1) Old aunties with wrinkled, droopy eyelids that have a ring of black eyeliner around their eyes. It can still look okay if they extended the black eyeliner to their waterline as well, but they don’t do that. My grandma says that they look like wannabe odd pandas.I have to agree.

2) False eyelashes pasted onto the lash lines that’re BARE, without eyeliner or hardly any black eye shadow whatsoever to blend the falsies’ lash bands in. Seriously, i rather have these girls look pretty with just mascara on their natural lashes than have them batting their eyelids looking at everyone with a strange flap of lash hairs on their eyes. Makes things worse when they close their eyes to sleep in the train. Everyone gets a full view of what went so wrong!

I still wonder why I see so many ladies walking around the streets like this! Doesn’t it look strange already?

My must-have for Skincare:

A good cleansing oil for makeup removal,cleanser & serum. I switch from brand to brand because many products are improving on their current formulas and of course, my skin condition changes from time to time. i’ve got oily combination skin so i can afford to skip moisturizer completely if the serum has ample concentrates to keep my skin hydrated. i haven’t had a problem with using a tiny bit of serum pat onto my under eye area to keep fine lines at bay though :) Everyone’s skin responds differently, so my advice is to always go for ranges that’re for sensitive skin types first (as they’re usually milder) if you’re trying out the skincare brand for the very first time.

My must-have for Cosmetics:

Mascara with an eyelash curler, concealer & berry tinted lip balm. My favorite lipbalm as of now is Korres Lip Butter in Plum! These 3 makeup products are enough to help me look fresh and ready for the day ahead :)

Thank you for the questions, Cheryl! :D

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