Mary Kay Botanicals Effects Skincare Event & Skincare + Makeup Reviews!

Mary Kay’s Marketing Mgr for Singapore & Malaysia branches :)

my score card! the quiz helps to determine which skincare range that your skin is best suited for! mine’s definitely the range for oily skin :)

haha, we’d LAUGHTER exercises! the LAUGHING team was so adorable! couldn’t help giggling like a lil kid throughout the whole session! Happy people, happy skin! Great idea, Mary Kay Sg!

of course, i can’t forget to mention my buddy company of the night! Charlene from ! Go visit her web blog! She’s been featured on several print media platforms! I really enjoy reading her articles! :) Charlene’s such a sweetheart in real life too! ^^ Many thanks to her for introducing me to several other wonderful fellow beauty bloggers too! :D

Mary Kay Botanicals Skincare Range for Oily Skin!

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Which formula is right for you?


Flax Seed Extract – Flax seed is an annual plant with slender stems and one of the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to moisturize and help relieve dry skin!

Sea Kelp Extract – Sea Kelp is coarse edible seaweed that grows underwater in shallow oceans. Sea Kelp is a known source of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids important for moisturization and skin balance.


Frangipani Flower Extract – Frangipani Flower often called Plumeria, is the national flower of Nicaragua and carries great significance in many cultures worldwide, including Vietnam, Indonesia and Hawaii. This fragrant flower is an antioxidant known for its calming benefits and is an antioxidant that helps protect against environmental stressors.

Water Lily Extract – Water lily is a flowering aquatic plant that gives off a sweet and pleasant aroma. The Water Lily’s history can be traced back to some of the earliest botanical writings. This antioxidant is reported to be a source of minerals that are important for healthy skin.


Kanuka Extract – Kanuka, also known as White Tea Tree, is an antioxidant well known for purifying benefits that may help prevent clogged pores. The leaves of this flowering shrub emit a rich, pleasant scent when crushed.

Guava Extract – Guava is a known source of salicylic acid, an exfoliant shown to slough away dead skin and help unclog pores to reduce surface oil.

More about the Botanical Skincare Line!

Mary Kay® Botanical Effects™ Skin Care Review,
3-in-1 Cleanse Formula 3 (S$34.00)

This corrective facial cleanser purifies skin and helps cleanse pores. Removes and helps control excess oil without drying, and leaves skin feeling clean as it reduces shine. Contains a special antioxidant-rich botanical complex, is hypoallergenic, and formulated without synthetic dyes or added fragrance. Suitable for sensitive skin.

>> It’s got lil fine beads that helps in everyday exfoliation! I love the light consistency of this gel cleanser! 3 in 1 as it cleanses, tones and exfoliates. DOESN’T leave the skin SQUEAKY CLEAN, which is GREAT for oil acne prone skin as it gently cleanses the surface of the skin without stripping excess moisture, which will lead to excess secretion of sebum. I’m liking this cleanser quite a bit! Almost on par with my favorite Olay Regenerist Cleanser!

Mary Kay® Botanical Effects™ Skin Care Review,
Freshen Formula 3 (S$34.00)

This formula removes excess oil without drying skin. Minimizes the appearance of pores, clarifies skin and helps cleanse pores. Contains a special antioxidant-rich botanical complex, is hypoallergenic, and formulated without synthetic dyes or added fragrance. Suitable for sensitive skin.

>> I’m not really into using such toning or skin refresher products as I’d rather wash my face with water and then pat it dry. However, I like using this to lightly wet my foundation khaki brush before swirling it into liquid foundations. I find that it helps to make my liquid foundations stay on longer and it doesn’t affect the coverage of the foundation formula. It can also be used as a setting spray too, when the face is slightly over powdered and cakey. Overall, I appreciate that there isn’t any detectable scent in the product and I’ve no problem misting it all over my face after all my makeup is done. :)

Mary Kay® Botanical Effects™ Skin Care Review,
Hydrate Formula 3 (S$40.00)

Formulated for oily skin, this moisturizer provides balanced hydration while controlling excess oil. Leaves skin with a beautiful matte finish. Nongreasy and leaves no oily residue. Contains a special antioxidant-rich botanical complex, is hypoallergenic, and formulated without synthetic dyes or added fragrance. Suitable for sensitive skin.

>> Amazing. 5/5! I LOVE THIS! I can definitely say that this wins Loreal’s Hydrafresh Icy Gel Moisturizer HANDS DOWN. This applies very smoothly onto the skin as it’s of a slippery, gel-like texture. Absorbs almost immediately into the skin and BEST THING, keeps the skin looking fresh and my T-zone has NEVER EVER GOTTEN OILY OR SHINY FROM THIS PRODUCT. I’m seriously thinking of just repurchasing this once I’m done with it as my skin’s been healing up very well these days thanks to this hydrating gel moisturizer. I needed a hydrating formula that could moisturize my patchy but oily skin, more so, because I was using 5% Benzoyl Peroxide as my acne treatment, which dries the heck out of my skin :( Think dessert-dry patches of skin but with a layer of oil on it. Absolutely horrible, until I decided to use this product for an entire week. I highly, highly recommend this if you’ve the same skin type as I do. You only need a 10cents amount (about 2 pea sized amount) for the entire face and neck. I LOVE THIS! THUMBS UP!

Mary Kay® Botanical Effects™ Skin Care Review,
Mask Formula 3 (S$40.00)

This mask helps cleanse pores and refine their appearance. Absorbs and controls excess oil, and leaves skin looking clarified and fresher. Contains a special antioxidant-rich botanical complex, is hypoallergenic, and formulated without synthetic dyes or added fragrance. Suitable for sensitive skin.

>> It surprised me that this clay-based mask’s texture wasn’t that of regular clay masks out there in the market. The texture of it’s very similar to low-fat yoghurt, thin and smooth, but dries down to a matter finish once left on the skin for a few minutes. I enjoy using this mask every 2-3 days to do some serious deep cleansing. It’s really easy to wash off, which is a great plus! Comparing my favorite Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque to this, I’d say that it’s less drying and has less of a scent to it, which is good because I personally can’t stand the smell of clay-based masks on my face for too long! 


makeup was included too in the goodie bag! Spring Collection from Mary Kay Cosmetics! Yay to pinks and greens!

eyelash primer. i didn’t like this at all, but to be fair, most eyelash primers that i’ve tried (even ester lauder’s) have all made my lashes lose its curl within seconds. good to use for thickening bottom lashes though! mascara does go on even better after applying this primer. interesting brush too!

i love this mascara! does a fantastic job in separating and lengthening EVERY SINGLE lash that you have! JET BLACK too! if you like Loreal’s Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara, this will impress you as well, just as long as you don’t mind it not oscillating :)

matte liquid foundation in beige 3 ! it’s for oily to combination skin! i was SO HAPPY to have gotten this! i’ve worn this in my previous Graduation Day Makeup Tutorial! The coverage is very similar to MAC Studio Fix Fluid, but the consistency is much lighter and DOESN’T STINK AS BAD! My skin hasn’t broken out at all from this foundation, and the shade does match my NC25 skin quite well. If Loreal True Match doesn’t impress me enough after I get my hands on it soon, I’ll go back to repurchase this one as this does a fabulous job in oil control and coverage!

star of the show! the customizable compact with eyeshadows, lipstick/lipgloss and blush! brushes included too!

lipsitick in PINK SATIN :)

Lipgloss in Pink Luster:)

how it looks like after closing it! The lip gloss/ lipstick won’t fall out of the compartment! Really great packaging design! Eyeshadows are of decent quality, but i’m liking their blush color more! It gives the skin a beautiful flush of color, the kind that you’ll get after a long, tiring jog! :)

I hope that this post has given you more information about the products from Mary Kay! :)

It’s great to know that this beauty company supports eco-friendly packaging of their products too!

Much research has gone into their skincare line, and after trying out their products, I must say that overall, I’m pretty impressed. I’ve never tried their skincare range before and to be very, very honest, I prefer them over Clinque’s skincare recommended for my skin type , just because it’s less harsh on my skin and doesn’t irritate any existing blemishes that i have.

To purchase, you can contact a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant near your place of residence or give the MK Office a call to find out more.

Have fun exploring the products that Mary Kay has to offer!

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