February Skincare Favourites!


i know that this post is coming in REALLY LATE (gosh, it’s march already!) but better late than never right? :)

i’ll do an in-depth review of each skincare item here in future postings! they’re certainly worth the rave reviews and i’m more than happy to share with you all the features and degree of effectiveness of each one of them!

i got this off gmarket.sg! authentic stuff, no worries :)

i apply a thin layer of this mask on for 15 minutes every day! that’s how much i love this mask! it does reduce the redness of my acne and infected whiteheads! it’s a no-no for those with dry skin but for those of us with acne-prone, combination oily and oily skin, this will work really well in preventing further breakouts and brightening of dull skin from the umpteen oil-control skincare and makeup products that we’ve used on our faces. can’t say enough good stuff about this product! huge thumbs up from me!


retails in leading drugstores and departmental stores for S$59.90

i bought this after watching bubzbeauty’s review on this amazing serum! i’ve noticed her improving skin condition for the past weeks and have been wondering if she’d switched up her skincare routine to something better. true enough, she did, and i’m just SO GLAD to have finally tried this! it’s definitely made my pores finer and less visible to the eye, foundation goes on so much smoother even without a primer, and it has helped tighten my skin considerably. i can tell from the sharper and more defined jawline since the jawline’s very very obvious for those with square shaped faces like me :) overall, i’ll definitely purchase backups of these when I’m in Bangkok or at the DFS stores later this month :)

this mask was gifted to me by my lovely sister! :)

i told my sis that i absolutely HATE the rice exfoliating mask by skin food as it smells HORRIBLE and never failed to make my skin itch after using it! my skin felt so dry after using that yucky mask! as such, i never had much of a good impression of skin food’s masks until my sis gifted me this Skinfood Yoghurt & Banana wash-off mask! it smells so edible, just like banana yoghurt! sweet and creamy! it’s got yellow beads that dissolve upon rubbing the yoghurt mask on the skin! interesting! :) it also leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. i’d say that it hydrates my skin moderately, just enough to keep the whole face fresh for hours :)


  1. Omg I remember trying the Yoghurt and Banana mask when skinfood first opened here in Singapore and I’m surprised they’re still making it – that must have been ages ago! I really liked it then, I remember it was pretty moisturising and the scent was a cross between pudding and banana milk (absolutely delicious!)

    1. yay greta to know that someone else loves this mask too! skinfood’s still kinda expensive here in the Sg stores but I’m guessing that market.sg will have the exact same products at a lower price! ^^

  2. Hey!

    I’ve been looking for something to help my blackheads and milia. Thanks for your reviews! I’ve placed an order for Mint Julep. Hahaa :) :)

    1. you’re very welcome! :) hope the mask will work just as well for you too! :) it’s a huge tube of product so it’ll be worth your every penny spent! :)

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