Toss it out #2 : NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Waterproof

Product Name NYX Dolly Eyes Mascara in Waterproof


Retail Price S$12.90


Purchased at HERE


The Good 1)   Thickens the lashes with its volumizing effect

2)   Brush catches the lashes easily for smooth application of mascara formula onto individual lashes

3)   Good for bottom lashes


The Bad 1)   Mascara formula is HORRIBLE! Wet with an unpleasant smell to it, it makes my nicely curled lashes loose its curl with the first 3 mins of application! Weighs the lashes down like crazy! The #1 thing that I absolutely dislike about this mascara!

2)   Not THAT cheap for a mascara that doesn’t work at all. Even the ELF one works better than this and it’s only less than S$5!

3)   Not easily available in drugstores. Might be a good thing so that Asian girls won’t need to go through the whole hassle of finishing this ill-performing mascara after they’ve tried it.

4)   Comes off in clumps when in contact with any makeup remover. Not a good thing since it always gets into my eyes and irritates them quite a bit.

Overall Rating  1 out of 5


Will I repurchase this? No!

I rather use liquid eyeliner on my lashes to intensify the look than use this. Uh uh, this is definitely not for those with straight lashes that needs a mascara to hold the lash curl well!


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