Pure Orange & Soft Brown

Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush Review

Pure Orange & Soft Brown

Product Name Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush 
Retail Price S$15.90, all 4 shades will available in stores in April 2012 
Where to purchase Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, major supermarkets, hypermarts and leading departmental stores 
Product Description  Add a touch of rosy innocence to your cheeks with the revolutionary new Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush. A new jelly texture that is as smooth as cream, and light as powder.The exclusive bouncy cream formula with a unique solid jelly texture instantly blends in with your cheeks for a light splash of color. It is also lasting and durable; maintain the freshest glow on your face for up to 6 hours. Best of all, Jelly Glow Blush is suited for all skin types.


The Good 1)   Pure orange shade comes off pretty sheer on the skin, giving the apples of a cheek a pretty sheen of peach that isn’t too overpowering. Very ideal for school or light makeup looks.2)   Soft chocolate shade comes off as a rosy tint of reddish brown, ideal for makeup looks with heavy cheek contouring as a touch of this colour on the lower portion on the cheekbones brings about a hue of warmth to the face without the use of a blusher. Comes off sheer but definitely more pigmented than the orange.

3)   Ideal for beginners when it comes to blending cream blushes since the colour payoff is sheer and leaves a translucent sheen on the skin which can hide any blending flaws.


The Bad 1)   To be honest, I wouldn’t pay S$15.90 for this product but if the drugstore were to have a 20% off this product, then yes, I’d purchase the pink version of this product. I prefer cream blushes with intense colour payoff.2)   Best blended onto the skin with a sponge or your own fingers since the spongy texture kind of loosens and smears about the packaging if a brush is used to poke and pick up the colour. If a brush is used, you may risk having an uneven colour application and micro exfoliation on the apples of your cheeks just to get the colour blended with your brush bristles. It just doesn’t work well with brushes.


Overall Rating   3 out of 5 
Will I repurchase this? As mentioned, I’ll only purchase if there’s a discount on the range.It’s an interesting product worth trying out at the store first, however, darker skinned ladies may find it too sheer to show up on your skintones. Fairer ladies will benefit from this product, especially the pink one in this range. Overall, it’s still something that I’ll think twice about repurchasing.


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