Day: 03/03/2012

Toss it out #2 : NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Waterproof

Product Name NYX Dolly Eyes Mascara in Waterproof


Retail Price S$12.90


Purchased at HERE


The Good 1)   Thickens the lashes with its volumizing effect

2)   Brush catches the lashes easily for smooth application of mascara formula onto individual lashes

3)   Good for bottom lashes


The Bad 1)   Mascara formula is HORRIBLE! Wet with an unpleasant smell to it, it makes my nicely curled lashes loose its curl with the first 3 mins of application! Weighs the lashes down like crazy! The #1 thing that I absolutely dislike about this mascara!

2)   Not THAT cheap for a mascara that doesn’t work at all. Even the ELF one works better than this and it’s only less than S$5!

3)   Not easily available in drugstores. Might be a good thing so that Asian girls won’t need to go through the whole hassle of finishing this ill-performing mascara after they’ve tried it.

4)   Comes off in clumps when in contact with any makeup remover. Not a good thing since it always gets into my eyes and irritates them quite a bit.

Overall Rating  1 out of 5


Will I repurchase this? No!

I rather use liquid eyeliner on my lashes to intensify the look than use this. Uh uh, this is definitely not for those with straight lashes that needs a mascara to hold the lash curl well!



Toss it out #4 : Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer

Product Name Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer

Retail PriceS$18.90 (Can’t remember the exact pricing, but it’s somewhere near this price!)

Purchased atWatsons

The Good1)   Makes foundation application smooth as it fills in fine lines and large pores

The Bad1)   Foundation slides within 3 hours of wear! Not suitable for wear in humid weathers!

2)   Breaks my skin out like crazy! I’ve got acne prone skin that’s slightly sensitive to silicon- based products but this broke my skin out on the 3 round of product testing!

3)   Rather expensive drugstore primer

4)   Makes the T-zone oily within the first hour of wear. Horrible product for combination to oily skintypes.

Overall Rating 1 out of 5

Will I repurchase this?No!

I use this as an anti chafing shoe gel for my toes and ankles when I’m wearing my high heel shoes! Prevents blisters from forming since the skin is smoothened with the silicon ingredients! Let’s not waste this product since returns aren’t allowed for used products here in Singapore! Hate this policy!


Toss it out #3 : Sunsilk Weather Defense Shield & Shine Serum

twist nozzle to shut or allow for dispensing of the hair product.

this product has a thick, gooey and sticky consistency to it that lingers on your hair even with little product applied! combing kinda becomes a nightmare after that!

Product Name Sunsilk Weather Defense & Shine Hair Serum


Retail Price S$8.90


Purchased at Watsons


The Good 1)   Affordable

2)   Protects hair from harmful UV rays, useful for those with coloured hair to keep the colour in longer

3)   Gives some sort of shine to the hair

4)   Smells pleasant


The Bad 1)   Makes combing a HUGE NIGHTMARE as the solution is thick and slightly sticky, and when applied to my dry fizzy hair, oh my, it’s like dipping a broom into a pot of semi-dried pot of paint. Nuff said.

2)   No idea why Women’s Weekly gave an award to this product if it ain’t gonna work on all hair types! Perhaps those with healthy virgin hair (totally natural and super healthy hair) may come to like this product?

3)   Waking up to a head of hair in knots thanks to using this product, which had made the ends of my hair clump together. I’ve tried using just 2 pumps of it on my short hair and a few other nights without this on completely. Verdict? I rather have dry fizzy hair that I can still comb through rather than have this on to clump up my hair strands!


Overall Rating  1 out of 5


Will I repurchase this? No!

Nuff said.



Pure Orange & Soft Brown

Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush Review

Pure Orange & Soft Brown

Product Name Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush 
Retail Price S$15.90, all 4 shades will available in stores in April 2012 
Where to purchase Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, major supermarkets, hypermarts and leading departmental stores 
Product Description  Add a touch of rosy innocence to your cheeks with the revolutionary new Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush. A new jelly texture that is as smooth as cream, and light as powder.The exclusive bouncy cream formula with a unique solid jelly texture instantly blends in with your cheeks for a light splash of color. It is also lasting and durable; maintain the freshest glow on your face for up to 6 hours. Best of all, Jelly Glow Blush is suited for all skin types.


The Good 1)   Pure orange shade comes off pretty sheer on the skin, giving the apples of a cheek a pretty sheen of peach that isn’t too overpowering. Very ideal for school or light makeup looks.2)   Soft chocolate shade comes off as a rosy tint of reddish brown, ideal for makeup looks with heavy cheek contouring as a touch of this colour on the lower portion on the cheekbones brings about a hue of warmth to the face without the use of a blusher. Comes off sheer but definitely more pigmented than the orange.

3)   Ideal for beginners when it comes to blending cream blushes since the colour payoff is sheer and leaves a translucent sheen on the skin which can hide any blending flaws.


The Bad 1)   To be honest, I wouldn’t pay S$15.90 for this product but if the drugstore were to have a 20% off this product, then yes, I’d purchase the pink version of this product. I prefer cream blushes with intense colour payoff.2)   Best blended onto the skin with a sponge or your own fingers since the spongy texture kind of loosens and smears about the packaging if a brush is used to poke and pick up the colour. If a brush is used, you may risk having an uneven colour application and micro exfoliation on the apples of your cheeks just to get the colour blended with your brush bristles. It just doesn’t work well with brushes.


Overall Rating   3 out of 5 
Will I repurchase this? As mentioned, I’ll only purchase if there’s a discount on the range.It’s an interesting product worth trying out at the store first, however, darker skinned ladies may find it too sheer to show up on your skintones. Fairer ladies will benefit from this product, especially the pink one in this range. Overall, it’s still something that I’ll think twice about repurchasing.