Photos of inspiration & some cool websites for you to visit!


the feeling of being FREE of exams is too good to be put into words!

with all the free time on hand now, i thought of sharing with all of you my lil collection of pretty photos that i’ve found on the web :)

nothing too fantastic but at least it serves as some form of eye candy for you to kill your boredom! ^^

so adorable!

brilliant hairdo. genius!

very true!

the kind of hairdo that i'd always do when i'd long hair like hers. it's gonna take me a painful 3 years to grow it back! ladies, DON'T ever cut your hair short unless you have never done so in your life and wanna test your level of confidence without your swinging long locks :)

i have a love-hate relationship with something like that because one, i can never wear this out in public and two, removal of such lip colors is gonna be so troublesome. i might just order it form lime crime if i have the extra cash!

can i say that i LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of this cupcake? i'm gonna have something like that for my 21st birthday party :) it's never too late to plan!

i used to make so many of these back in primary school!

i wonder how the light blue one tastes like? minty?

┬áSome pretty cool websites for you to visit when you’re bored or looking for some sort of inspiration:

All these should keep you entertained for quite a while!

Happy browsing and have a fun weekend ahead!


Doing happy jumping jacks at home,

Yve ^^

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