Lioele Elastic Sun Pact SPF26 in #21 Review

Product Name Lioele Elastic Sun Pact #21
Retail Price SGD$8

Shade #21 & #23

Purchase Links BUY IT HERE for #21



The Good 1)   Very cheap & affordable

2)   Very adorable pink packaging

3)   Separation plastic flap to separate sponge from powder; more hygenic

4)   No/ hardly any unpleasant fragrance in the powder

5)   Controls oil very well

6)   Blends in well with the skin! Looks very good in photos!

7)   Little shimmer particles help to illuminate the face! Think Revlon Photoready liquid foundation in powder form, but with lesser sparkle. Plus you only need a little powder to set your makeup, so the sparkles won’t overwhelm the face

The Bad 1)   Goes on a little ashy on my NC25 skintone

2)   Cannot use a powder brush to swirl into the compact powder due to massive powder fallout! Powder flies EVERYWHERE! But using a sponge solves this problem and fallout is greatly reduced. Don’t waste the product!

3)   Will end up cakey on dry skin; more suited for combination to oily skin

Overall Rating  4.5 out of 5
Will I repurchase this? Yup, definitely!

It controls out very well and suits my combination skin type! I need not retouch my makeup for about 4 hours even after perspiring under the hot sun! The little fine shimmer particles on it helps to make the skin look glowy and natural looking despite a heavy layer of powder on the skin. The powder also tends to even out and blend in very well with the skin especially when it’s into the 1st hour of wear. At the price of S$8, this is the cheapest and best setting foundation powder that I’ve ever used in my life. As with all foundation powders, thorough cleansing is a must or you’ll risk having your pores clogged and inflamed. The higher SPF in the powder also makes this powder a tad lighter than what’s seen in the pan, so I’d say that #23 will suit most asian skin tones since its less ashy than #21

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