October Makeup Favourites!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer

i love this concealer to bits. but i wished that it could come in shades that had more of a yellow undertone to it. i tested out these concealers at an Estee Lauder Counter and found them to be leaning more towards the neutral or the pink undertones, which isn’t exactly that good of a color match for typical asian ladies with swallow skin tones :( however, i tried using this in Light Medium under my eyes after color correction for my dark circles, and it worked very well in concealing the imperfections. I can’t use this on blemishes at all as it doesn’t blend in that well with my overall skin tone. it’s very long wearing, resistant to creasing and water resistant. this would be my holy grail concealer if it came in a wider range of shades.

Clinque take the day off makeup remover

As seen in the video, it’s really effective and easy to use! No need to wait for 10 seconds before swiping it off as it literally “melts” waterproof makeup so quickly! I’m fortunate enough to always receive free trial sized samples of this from my mum’s huge hauls from Clinque. I’ve never quite bothered about this makeup remover until I’d to remove waterproof mascara and lipstick. They’re the sort of makeup that I could go swimming in and not worry about it smudging a single bit. I actually tried bathing with these makeup on and they really stayed in tact! So that’s how tough it was to remove it! The Loreal makeup remover couldn’t take off these makeup as quickly as this one by Clinque. It’s slightly pricey but I do like the fact that i need not use a lot of it on the cotton pad to remove stubborn waterproof makeup! i might be buying the full sized bottle soon!

Sugarpill eyeshadow in bulletproof

i use this as an eyeliner as i personally don’t like using gel and liquid eyeliners. i just feel that if a black eyeshadow is well-pigmented and dark enough to pass off as an eyeliner with a thin brush for application, then why spend so much more on a gel or liquid eyeliner? i love this eyeshadow to bits and cannot live without it. i’ve almost dug a hole into my pan of Bulletproof and when it does run out, i’ll repurchase from Sugarpill.net in a heartbeat :)

MAC eyeshadow in Vanilla

it’s a matte (velvet finish) highlighting beige eyeshadow that goes very well with my skin tone (MAC NC20). I use this every single day on my brow brow or all over the lid if i’m going for a simple and polished eye makeup look.

MAC eyeshadow in Woodwinked

It’s a veluxe pearl finish eyeshadow and leans more to a warm-toned, vintage rusty copper color that is exceptionally stunning on blue or green eyes! i own several pairs of colored eyeshadows and when i do happen to wear cooler colored contact lenses (grey, blue or green), i’d reach for this eyeshadow to accentuate the color of my lenses. it’s not too shimmery or metallic in finish and can be used on the eyelid crease to create more definition. I picked this up at MAC as it’s highly raved by TheMakeupGeek on Youtube. The sales assistants at MAC told me that this is a popular shade as it gets replenished at MAC stores very often. So it’s definitely something worth checking out! :)

NYX Mosaic blush in Peachy

I was a little disappointed when i tired swirling my fluffy blush brush into the blush pan as it sent all the blush pigments flying all over the place! It didn’t help that I was wearing a light beige dress that day and so the pigments nearly stained my whole outfit! However, when I switched the blush brush to a flat top ELF STUDIO face brush, the fallout was greatly reduced and the color payoff’s really natural and glowy on the cheeks! it’s now my favorite blush to wear to school as it makes my skin look healthy and fresh without the odd flush of pink on my cheeks if i happen to forget to blend the pink blush out well. i’m not an avid fan of peach colored blushes as they tend to emphasize the sallowness of my skin. Since this blush contains a mixture of peach, warm browns and neutral browns, the combination of these colors cancels out the yellow undertones true peach colored blushes, which makes this blush look surprisingly well on me. It’s a gift from my sister (thank you! <3) and i’m glad to have this in my makeup collection for my everyday makeup routine! :)

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