Day: 13/09/2011

August Skincare Favourites!

Proactiv Repairing Lotion (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide)

I can’t imagine my skin without this. This has helped me keep my skin clear for 5 months after I stopped taking Accutane pills or my acne skin problems. This also functions as a moisturizer, and it doesn’t sting the skin on application. You do have to accustom your skin to it in the first 2 weeks of using this so start with a pea-sized amount on the first week and slowly build up to the amount that works best for your skin condition. A little redness or itching on the skin is normal during the first 2 weeks. I use this every night onto the whole face and apply more to areas that need more treatment. It’s about SGD35 at Watsons and Guardian and one bottle should last you for about 3-4 months. That’s quite worth it right?


Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream (Pine Pollen)

I wished that Bio Essence didn’t make a second version of this is with some weird ATP ingredient in it. The one with ATP ingredient costs more and my skin broke out really badly from using it. The one that I’m using is the first generation Face Lifting Cream with Pine Pollen. Does it work? YES IT DOES. Upon application, the skin feels warm! Watch xiaxue’s video and you’ll know! I use this every morning together with my usual facial massage to reduce water retention in my face. It does make my face slimmer and the difference for me is about 2cm across the whole face! Even my mum noticed that my face was significantly sharper in my passport photo, in which I’d all my hair up with a hairband. I first tried it when I was in secondary 3 and I already saw results then. I’ve always been on the lookout for other better products but have always repurchased this again somehow because it really does work! The effects last at least half a day for an average person but for me, it lasts the whole day since I do some facial massages when I apply this onto my face. A beautician told me that facial massages do make a whole lot of difference in a skincare routine. I’ll cover that in a separate post :) To date, I’ve already purchased over 6 bottles of this amazing invention and will continue to buy more. It costs about SGD25 at NTUC beauty section or any other beauty supply joint. It’s getting more and more difficult to find this since Bio Essence wants to promote their new ATP version instead of this. I’ll be really DEVASTATED if they totally discontinue this product. I will hunt it down somehow, somewhere then. ^^


Guerlain Abeille Royale Eye Cream (SGD 146 for 15ml)

This is MOST expensive skincare item that I’ve ever put on my eyes. It does work, alright. I don’t have severe dark eye circles but I have pretty bad fine lines under my eyes, thanks to my bad habit of rubbing my eyes more often than I should. It moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes well and is quickly absorbed into the skin within 5 minutes. It claims to lighten dark circles too, which I personally feel that it does to a certain extent. I’ve been sleeping much more lately so I believe that there might be other factors contributing to my improving undereye condition. I’ve never been using an eye cream on a regular basis until I started using this as I’ve noticed that the fine lines under my eyes have improved quite a bit within 2 weeks. Overall, only purchase this product if you’re willing to splurge on a luxury skincare product once in a while. It’s a good-to-have product but certainly not a must-have :)


Loreal Serum Reactivate Cils Eyelash Serum

I’ve purchased 4 tubes of this over 2 years and it’s made my lashes grow really long and strong. I have naturally long lashes but they break very easily. Even my hair strands break easily when it grows out to a longer length, so I guess it’s just my genes and nutrition problem. However, after 2 years of using this, my lashes are so strong that it takes quite some time to curl my lashes with a good eyelash curler (eg. she uemura’s or MAC’s). I really don’t like using lengthening mascaras now as they make my lashes look very creepy when applied on my already long lashes. What this product doesn’t quite do is allowing the lashes to grow thicker and denser. I’ll be trying out more eyelash serums as I find that using such products does reduce the number of lashes falling out and breaking. Do throw this out after 5- 6 months of usage to prevent any eye infections.

Organic Oatmeal Facewash!

Its anti-inflammatory and whitening properties has done my skin a huge favor every morning and night! I believe that good skin shouldn’t just be clear, it’s to have a glow to it. This cheap and natural skincare food product has helped my irritated skin heal very well over the past 3 months. I do have bouts of rashes from food allergies and this has always calmed the redness under 3 days (I gently cleanse my face with the soaked oatmeal chunks). You’ve to try it to see if it works for you :)


August Makeup Favourites!

NARS blush in Mata Hari

I’m not into buying blushers when it comes to makeup. In fact, I only own 2 blushers. Mata Hari is a really unique color that looks pinkish plum in the pan but when applied to the cheeks, it gives a lovely natural flush of pink. I’ve used this blush every single day for about 5 months and am still loving it. Yes, anything from NARS is expensive but their products are of good quality. You can pop by any Sephora outlet to check out NARS blushes. I highly recommend them as their blushers last for a good 8 hours on the cheeks, color payoff is very pigmented and it certainly takes a long long time before you can ever finish the entire NARS blush. This is my first NARS blush and I’m very glad that I went ahead with the splurge.

Clinque superbalanced liquid foundation

Well, many people have commented that this foundation is like a tinted moisturizer. Texture wise, yes, but coverage wise, this definitely offers slightly more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. This product is good for those who wants to even out their skin tone and likes a dewy finish to their skin. Since it only provides a moderately sheer coverage, I wouldn’t recommend it at all to those who wish to cover up blemishes. I personally use this foundation very frequently as it’s light on the skin and doesn’t make my skin breakout. It claims to be a smart foundation that moisturizes dry skin but also controls oil production on skin. I’ve used this foundation for about 4 months straight and I can only say that I’m a little on the fence with this product when it comes to oil control. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. However, with that said, ladies with combination skin types who spend long hours in air conditioned offices will have better luck with this product as it somehow lives up to its claims better in such surroundings. This product is highly raved in taiwan and many asian countries, so my advise is to visit a clique counter to test it out to see if it is to your liking :)

Garnier roll-on eye concealer

I like that it’s multi-purpose – concealer with eye treatment. This roll-on eye concealer comes with A LOT of product and I’m wondering when I’ll ever finish this since all you need is one swipe underneath each eye. It offers light coverage to the eye area and does brighten the eye area. However, I use this as a base under my eyes before putting on a yellowish eye concealer since my dark eye circles (I’m quite nocturnal) needs more coverage than what this product can offer. After 2 months of daily usage, I’m pretty happy to say that this concealer has lighten my dark eye circles a teeny bit. It’s better than nothing, so I’m not complaining. Furthermore, it’s unreasonable to expect miracles from a product that’s priced under $30. It doesn’t cake up under the eyes and a little goes a long way. Less is more! I might repurchase this when I run out of it. :)

Clinque Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (Limited Edition)

I got this at $33 at Tangs Orchard’s Clinque Counter. It doesn’t do ANYTHING to moisturize the lips but it gives the lips one of the loveliest berry tint that I’ve come across. I can live without the moisturizing aspect since I always have lip blame with me. It’s a pity that it’s a limited edition lip product. Is it worth the price tag? Frankly speaking, as a whole, not really. I still like it nonetheless as it looks very flattering on me and every sales girl who has seen me with this on has complimented me. It somehow brightens the complexion really well. I personally like this product a lot :)

Topshop cream blush in Pinch (photo credits to

This cream blush is a SHOCKING HOT PINK in the pan. Since the color payoff is so accurate to what you see in the packaging, my advise is to use your fingers and dab the tiniest amount on your cheeks then spread it out. If you’d like to look as if you’ve got a sunburn, this cream blush will do the trick. I was obsessed with the fake sunburnt look during the summer fashion season and always used this cream blush across my cheeks and the centre of my nose bridge. The whole look kind of sounds a little scary but can look really cute if done correctly. It’s just makeup, take it off if you’re uncomfortable with it! :D Overall, Topshop’s cream blushes are worth checking out and are definitely worth the price tag for the quality that you’re getting.

Benefit Perfect Powder

I can totally see people loving this to bits or hating it to the core. First off, it’s super convenient to use as it’s got bronzer and highlighter powders together in one pan. Second it comes with a brush which helps with the application. Watch the attached video to learn more! :) To use this product well, PLEASE DO NOT LOAD THE BRUSH UP WITH SO MUCH POWDER! Slowly build up the bronzer to sculpt the face and then use a separate brush to blend it in well. Practice makes perfect, so you do need some time to get used to using this duo product. Once you do get the hang of it, it’ll be a staple in your makeup stash! It’s on the pricier side but you’re getting 2 Benefit products in one package, so it’s still something worth considering. You can purchase this on Bestbuy Singapore HERE.