Freshkon Sparklers Grey Contact Lenses Review

under direct sunlight

under normal room lighting

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Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses


SGD$25 – $28 per pair, or lower during promotion sales

Where to purchase:

Any local optical shops

Freshkon(Singapore) Facebook Page:


My Experience with this product:

– I’ve purchased over 10 pairs of the Freshkon Sparklers Series in Grey, Blue, Brown and Green

– Very comfortable as diameter is only 14.2mm, which is slightly smaller than the usual 14.5mm that I personally like to wear

– I’ve worn Freshkon Sparklers contact lenses for up to 12 hours with minimal discomfort, which is rare for me as my eyes tend to tear up easily with contact lenses on

-Comes in a variety of 6 colors

– Very affordable to purchase during promotion sale time as per box will be priced between SGD$15 to SGD$18 (Buy2Get1 free promo, buy 2 get 2 boxes at 50% off promo, etc..)

– Since it’s sold locally in optical shops, it gives buyers the assurance that it’s safe to use, which is a huge plus point for those with sensitive eyes or are new to wearing cosmetic contact lenses

– Moderate iris enlargement effect

– Grey is suitable for school and office wear since the color is not extremely obvious under room lighting conditions

Overall Rating:

4 / 5

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