REVIEW: GlamPalm Hair Straightener!


I AM SO EXCITED to share my favourite hair styling tool with you today! :) It’s been such a joy using this hair tool because with it, I now have good hair days everyday! I’m even bringing it along with me to Sydney! My flight’s in a couple of hours’ time, and this was the first thing that I placed in my suitcase :)

The model that I got here is the GP313, the medium sized one out of the 3 sizes that GlamPalm has.

For more information on which one suits your hair needs best, click out this Styler Guide to find out more:


The package arrived in pristine condition and I was really happy to see a beautiful sleek black case! Many hair straighteners are a pain to travel with since they either come in slouchy drawstring bags or with no casing at all. I love how travel-friendly this is!


The case comes with 2 hair clips for hair sectioning while styling the hair. I really appreciate the attention to detail here – from packaging to having hair clips included in the case itself (and even a rubberised band to secure the clips). Thumbs up!


There’s also a sturdy plastic casing to enclose the tool when it’s not in use. I’m really particular about packaging and ease of use, so I was delighted to notice all these quality packaging and storage features.


When switched on, the GlamPalm straightener beeps off with a little beep jingle, and lights up at 150 degrees by default. I usually turn it up to 180 to 200 degrees for my styling use. Once the lights are solid blue within just 15 seconds (I swear this is amazing. The entire tool is really hot and ready to use in 15 secs!), it’s good to use.


Heres my frizzy hair before styling :(


i love how GlamPalm straightener makes my hair even shinier than before! Sleek, smooth hair ^^


ah, am finally presentable for a day out with friends :)

Why GlamPalm Straightener wins my vote as my holy grail hair tool:

  • Heat settings (11 variable temperatures from 100°C to 200°C)

I enjoy using hair straighteners at 120degrees for my fringe and at 180degrees for the rest of my long pieces of hair. I’ve over 5 hair tools at home, and none of them are able to go below 150degrees. The temperature range for this hair styling tool is something that I really enjoy having when I’m styling my hair for the day.

  • Heat up time

When you’re pressed for time, but still wanting to look pulled together early in the morning, having a styling tool that is ready to use in 15 seconds is a quite a game changer. It heats up entirely and has the temperature stable at the indicated temperature. No overheating too. :)

  • Ceramic Plates infused with Healing Stone

I’ve never had a straightener that’s made my hair feel smoother and shinier than my original hair state. It’s quite amazing. I was sort of skeptical before using this, but now I refuse to use other straighteners other than this one from GlamPalm.

  • Design & Feel of the iron

The sweat absorbing grip of this hair tool makes the whole styling experience much more enjoyable and efficient.

  • Ease of use

The 3 metre cord and the 360degrees swivel cord have greatly improved my hair styling experience. I can now twist the hair tool towards any direction that I want, and can easily style my hair from any distance away from the power socket. A 3 metres cord is indeed really long but it comes in really handy for photoshoots or for styling appointments.

Overall, I’m just so delighted to have my GlamPalm hair styling straightener with me and I’m giving a two thumbs up for this widely raved hair tool. :)

Visit to purchase yours today! Key in YVETTIA to enjoy $15 off your purchase at GlamPalm! :)



REVIEW: The new L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Haircare range


Japan’s No.1 Treatment Brand L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil has transformed the hair of countless women with our full range of Extraordinary Oil Treatments.

With the same 6 precious flower oils, the new Extraordinary Oil Hair Care range promises a luxurious and sensorial hair transformation that cleanses and conditions from the scalp, with the perfect balance of airy lightness on the roots and deep nourishment on the ends.

Though oils might appear too greasy or heavy on our hair, it is widely used in cleansers for their ability to dissolve sebum, dirt and waterproof make up, and at the same time hydrating and nourishing the skin without compromising its moisturize level. It’s effect is actually

L’Oréal Paris Hair Care introduces our most premium and luxurious hair care range- Extraordinary Oil Hair Care to help women tackle all their hair problems and achieve soft, smooth, strengthened and shiny hair all at once.


Here’s my hair after using the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil shampoo, conditioner and hair oil! Shiny & very lightweight! This haircare range is very suitable for those who’re looking for deep hydration to the hair without any greasy feeling to the scalp and hair. I’ve got very dry hair ends, so honestly, the conditioner didn’t work as well for my hair, but the mask did the job well by reducing the frizzy ends and helping to restore shine to the bottom bleached part of my hair.

Benefits of Cleansing with Oil:

On the scalp: The blend of 6 flower oils deeply cleanses the scalp to remove excess sebum

and dirt, with additional anti-bacterial properties. Moisture is not stripped from the scalp, but

balance is restored to the sebaceous glands.

On the hair: The blend of 6 flower oils deeply penetrates into the hair keratin and luxuriously

nourishes and strengthens the hair from within.

Hair is strengthened with a lustrous shine and feels sumptuously soft and smooth. Even

without styling products, hair is transformed- weightlessly free-flowing and becomes more

manageable. Light and non-greasy, the range is infused with a lush floral fragrance and is

suitable for normal to dry hair.

This hair mask is my favourite from this range! It leaves my hair feeling smooth, frizz free and light!

This hair mask is my favourite from this range! It leaves my hair feeling smooth, frizz free and light!

Extraordinary Oil Shampoo 440ml: $16.90

Extraordinary Oil Conditioner 440ml: $16.90

Extraordinary Oil Balm Hair Mask 250ml: $19.90

The L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Care will be first available at Watsons from May 2015 onwards, and available at Guardian, Sasa, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores from June 2015 onwards.


Cheers to healthy, shiny hair, beautifuls!



NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA : NARUKO Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Skincare Range Review



My skin now after 4 weeks of testing with daily use, twice a day.


My skin’s still supple despite being on Roaccutane to keep the acne condition at bay :) Anyone who’s been on the Roaccutane drug before would know that the skin literally peels and cracks really badly unless moisturised well with quality skincare products daily. Here, I’m happy to show that after 4 weeks, these products from Naruko did do their magic :)

Hello friends! ^^

I’m excited to share my review here about Naruko’s newly improved skincare range – Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Skincare Range!

This new formula has got Vitamin ACE microcapsules in it, meaning that every product in this range has anti-aging, whitening and repairing properties! With the highest concentration of tranexamic acid (3%) included in the concoction too, it’s a power packed skincare range for anyone who wants affordable yet effective skincare products. Needless to say, it’s great for those who’re on-the-go too, since there’re many skincare benefits in one bottle itself; a reduction in the number of skincare products used! Yay!

I shan’t bore you with the science aspects of what tranexamic acid does, but for those of you who’re serious about your whitening skincare, here’s a link for you to read up on: :)

Overall, my personal opinion is that this new formula is more absorbent on the skin and enables the skin to regenerate faster overnight, with less redness in my skin by the time I wake up in the morning. The star product of this entire collection has to be the serum. I raved about this in my previous blog posts about Naruko a year ago (or probably 2? time flies, can’t really recall^^)

Alright, let’s jump right into the reviews here!

Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots & Lines Defying Lotion, retails at $28.90

Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots & Lines Defying Lotion, retails at $28.90 


After 4 weeks of trial testing! Still quite a bit left after using generous amounts of it everyday!

Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots & Lines Defying Lotion

I personally have always enjoyed using the toner from this Naruko Skincare series as I’m able to soak an entire cotton pad with the lotion and place it on my freckles as a light and quick daily mask. I found that it helps to lighten my freckles by 1-2 shades and with a light layer of foundation on, my freckles and dark spots on the apples of my cheeks are barely visible :) Of all the toners that I’ve tried from Naruko, I’ve found this one to be the best for my skin. The toner is a has a much thicker, gluey consistency compared to all its other toner formulations under the same brand. It’s hydrating, calming (due to the snow fungus extracts) and has brightening properties with 3% tranexamic acid (highest in the market) to tackle dark spots quickly. Tranexamic acid is great for those with acne scars and freckles as it enables the skin to combat against pigmentation. I like it!


Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots & Lines Defying Serum, retails at $36.90


I’m almost done with this after 4 weeks of trial testing!

 Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots & Lines Defying Serum

I’ve always LOVED all serums from the Naruko Skincare range. Prior to being their appointed Beauty Blogger, I’d already purchased many of their facial serums. I rarely use much moisturisers on my face, rather, I pump out a generous portion of serum and apply it to my face in patting motions. I know that this is a rather unconventional way of using a serum, but it does work better for my skin. This serum doesn’t sting breakouts and neither does it leave a tight film on the skin. It’s very much an effective formula that combats skin pigmentation while hydrating the skin. I find that the brightening effects were more obvious after the 3rd week, then again the delayed effects could also be attributed to the fact that I haven’t been sleeping well lately. When I first used the original formulation of this serum, results were seen after Week 1.  Whatever it is, if there’s only ONE item that you should get from this skincare range, get this. :)


Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots & Lines Defying Moisturizer, retails at $30.90



I just haven’t used much of this after 4 weeks. Probably because I find that the Serum and Gelly overnight mask work better on my skin….


Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots & Lines Defying Moisturizer

I won’t elaborate much about this product because honestly, it’s very much like the serum, except that it’s a moisturiser that seals in hydration into the skin. Since I already do have the Night Gelly, as shown below, I didn’t see a point in using this after the serum in the day. I stop at using the serum as the last step for my daytime skincare, and for the nighttime, I pretty much just add on a thin layer of the Night Gelly to keep my skin hydration in my air-conditioned room. I find that this product will come in handy when I only have time for a single product to end of my skincare regiment after cleansing. Everything is great in terms of formulation for this product, but it’s just an additional unnecessary step for me here since I find the serum to be more than sufficient for my skin.


Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots & Lines Defying Night Gelly, retails at $26.90


Spatula included~ I love how it’s compact within the jar packaging itself :)


I’ve used up quite a bit in 4 weeks, considering that I only use this thrice a week during night time only.

Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots & Lines Defying Night Gelly

I have no idea why this product isn’t already highly raved about online. Seriously. It’s got everything one can ask for in a mask – affordability (below $30 a jar, and will take you months to finish), no parabens, no artificial flavours, no colourings, no preservatives, NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS (I love animals a lot, and I’m trying my best to only purchase and review from brands that do not test on animals.), effective, high concentration of active ingredients that actually benefit the skin, overnight results….

Firstly, this mask does gentle exfoliation on the skin as it’s got lactic acid in it. Next, to brighten and strengthen the skin, it’s got 3% tranexamic acid, Vitamin A, C and E, Apple Seed Extract to do that for you. Many whitening products thin out the skin and cause the skin to become drier than it should be. That’s why on top of all the anti-aging, whitening and repairing active ingredients, this product also has snow fungus extracts, sodium hyaluronate and meadowfoam seed oil to inject hydration into the skin too.

All in all, I have always highly recommended Naruko’s Night Gelly products to my friends as it’s multifunctional as a moisturiser and an overnight mask. Their Night Gelly products can be mixed and combined with each other to better target all skincare concerns in just one step at night. I’ve never broken out from any of the Naruko products before and have found them to be affordable compared to the expensive skincare products that I’d previously invested in.

I highly recommend this range of skincare products to anyone who’s a skincare junkie or has concerns about dull skin and skin pigmentation.

It’s a rather long review post here, but I hope that it’s been helpful for you! :)

Happy shopping! :)



REVIEW: SHR Session #1 & #2 at Ecorganics!


Hi there beautifuls! <3

I’m very delighted to be given the opportunity to review Ecorganics’s SHR sessions for the next 12 months! Ecorganics has been my ONLY go-to organic facial beauty place ever since my skin started acting up quite badly since a year ago. With every facial that I’d done there, my skin always improved throughout the course of the same week. I’m a satisfied paying customer who’s recommended their services to many of my friends and blogger friends :)

About two years ago, I’d my hair colour and hair cuts done at their hair salon too, which uses only organic hair products for colouring and treatments. You can check out the posts here:

I’m always certain that I’m in very safe hands whenever I’m at Ecorganics, as such, I’m excited to share with you about the SHR sessions that they’re providing. I opted to get the fuzzy little baby hairs on my back removed. Summer’s here and I’ve always been pretty self-conscious whenever I wear clothing that reveals most of my back. I accept the fact that I don’t have the best of genes when it comes to having perfect porcelain skin on my back, but hey, that’s what beauty treatments are for right? :) Am not a Barbie Doll, and I’m glad that I’ll never be, because if I were one, how’d my beauty reviews here be truthful and real? :) I believe that all of us are uniquely different, and should there be an area of concern, seeking ways to alleviate or eradicate the problem shouldn’t be embarrassing or frowned upon :)

Now, let’s get started on the review, shall we? :)

Some important must-knows about SHR vs IPL:

IPL = 2-4 high-powered shots into each hair follicle

SHR = a minimum 20-30 shots onto each hair follicle

This makes SHR hair removal treatment much faster and more effective. I love that SHR is relatively painless too! For me, I experienced no pain at all. Zilch. YAY :)


To start off, I was informed that every single skincare item used on my skin are of organic certified brands. Yup, right down to the organic cleansing wipes from Korea (as shown above)!


IMG_5031Ecorganics uses a SHR System for their hair removal, which is PAINLESS and MORE EFFECTIVE than regular, old-school IPL machines. I’d paid hundred for 6 IPL sessions at an aesthetic clinic before and it made the skin on my legs itch and red for 24 hours after the treatment. I was naturally really afraid of going for these sessions, especially with blemish wounds and bumps on my back still. To make things worse, I have an EXTREMELY low threshold of pain. However, Crystalz (owner of Ecorganics Beauty & my lovely beautician ^^) assured me that the entire session will be easy breezy for me because she’s confident that I’ll feel no pain at all. True enough, I didn’t feel the slightest bit of pain, and it’s such a relaxing experience! I kept going on and on about how i should’ve approached her instead when I started doing IPL at other clinics :D For anyone who’s gone through the pain of those old-school, crappy IPL machines, you’ll share my pain :(

Here at Ecorganics, all equipment, gels, tools, etc, are always thoroughly sterilised. As for the gel applied before the hair removal process takes place with the beeping SHR light device, it’s always clear upon application, but becomes cloudy after the area has been treated upon.


Orange bowl shows the cloudy gel mixture which was scrapped off my back, and the turquoise bowl shows the fresh gel mixture that’s clean and unused :) I like how honest the good people at Ecorganics are when it comes to showing their customers that they’re getting their money’s worth by showing them the products before and after they’ve been used. Many beauty places out there are unethical and have products that harm the skin.

As a beauty blogger for the last 4-5years, it’s been a tough time for me to find good beauty salons to review about as very few have beauticians who’re both skilful and genuinely concerned about the welfare of the customer’s skin condition. Crystalz believes in giving her customers the best value and quality organic skincare products that are effective while keeping the skin healthy from the inside out. Having known her for a couple of years, I can definitely say that she’s the only person that I trust when it comes to topical skin treatments. I’ve spent hundreds on dermatological fees (I’ll do another extensive blogpost about the clinics, drugs and all. It’s been highly requested from some of you via emails :) I’ll get to this soon, I promise :) ) as my skin tends to get very bad reactions from substandard skincare products used at other facial places. I won’t be naming them all, but I’ll say to give organic facials a try, and you’ll never look back after seeing how healthy and how fast your skin recovers from a bad skin condition.

I’ll be going for Session #3 soon and I’ll be updating with photos of my back when I’m at Session #6 :) Milestone photo~ So far, the skin on my back’s pretty much cleared up. Am looking forward to the next session at Ecorganics! Stay tuned! ^^



REVIEW: The Nail Social Signature Manicure & Pedicure Session

The Nail Social_Menu of Services Salon Interior   At The Nail Social, they aim to elevate the weekly visits to the nail salon to news heights! Aside from offering a relaxing experience for their customers, they are also proud to be the only socially-conscious nail salon in Singapore to train and employ local underprivileged women with a higher barrier to employment, so as to help them progress from a position of vulnerability to security and self-sufficiency. Salon Interior 2 In-seat on-demand Entertainment IMG_4736 Fair Trade Retail   These are beautiful jewelry from social businesses from all over the world! All handmade with love! IMG_4743I’m pretty happy with my nails :) My manicurist was a sweet young girl, who’s very attentive to my requests for rounded nails as my long square tipped nails were pretty badly chipped. She made me feel very at ease throughout the manicure session and shared with me many tips about manicures. I enjoyed her positive company and complimented her on her diligence in mastering her craft well. She’d benefited from the social programme by The Nail Social, thus the opportunity to learn the skills to become a manicurist. I personally feel that it’s important to support local social businesses. It’s a chance for us to give back to society and to provide more employment opportunities for the underprivileged. I’ve purchased many of my jewelry from such causes and I find joy unknowing that I’m playing a small role in helping others while patronising their craftsmanship. It’s a much more meaningful kind of retail therapy when you’re out there shopping with friends and family :) Try it, it’s a worthy cause, and a fun and relaxing experience too :)

The Nail Social can be found at:

42A Haji Lane (2nd Floor), Singapore 189235

Phone: +65 6717 3221   Whatsapp: +65 8145 5226


Opening Hours 6 days a week:

Weekdays 11am – 9pm (closed on Mondays)

Weekends 10am – 8pm

With Love, Yvette